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Video: How Often Should Rocket Espresso Machines be Descaled?


How often does the Rocket Appartamento need to be descaled?

Scale build up is caused by hard water. If you don't use hard water you won't have scale buildup. I recommend avoiding the need to descale by using soft water and by soft water and I mean water that is less than three grains of hardness or fifty parts-per-million. If you do this you won't need to descale so I do not recommend descaling Rocket espresso machines as I recommend avoiding the need to be scale by using soft water.

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Comparison of the Rocket Appartamento vs Rocket Evoluzione R Espresso Machines

What is the difference between the Rocket Appartamento and the Rocket Evoluzione R? The main differences between the two are:The Rocket Evoluzione R is a direct connect machine and it can also be used with the water tank only so it is a switchable machine. The Rocket Appartamento is a tank only machine and cannot [...]

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Important: Always Use Soft Water!

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