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Official DF64 Grinder Website

8th Oct 2022

The manufacturer of the DF64 grinder and the variations of the DF64 as well as the DF83 grinder, is Ningbo Frigga Appliances, located in Ningbo China. They sell the grinders through a variety of ret … read more

Where is the DF64 Grinder Made?

8th Oct 2022

The Turin DF64, DF64E, DF64P, DF64S, and DF83 are single dosing grinders that are made by Ningbo Frigga Electric Appliance Co. The company is located in Ningbo City, in China. They specialize in mak … read more

Is the DF64 good for espresso?

8th Oct 2022

Yes, the DF64 does work well for espresso. How well it works will depend on the coffee variety, roast level, burr selection and your personal preference for espresso flavor nuances. The DF64 is a go … read more