Comparison of the Rocket Appartamento vs Rocket Evoluzione R Espresso Machines

10th Oct 2017

What is the difference between the Rocket Appartamento and the Rocket Evoluzione R? The main differences between the two are:

The Rocket Evoluzione R is a direct connect machine and it can also be used with the water tank only so it is a switchable machine. The Rocket Appartamento is a tank only machine and cannot be connected to a water line.

The Rocket Appartamento has a vibratory pump versus the Rocket Evoluzione R which is a rotary pump machine. The rotary pump allows the machine to be direct connected to a water line but it also has some additional benefits including being longer-lasting and quieter during operation.

The Rocket Evoluzione R has a PID controller that will allow you to adjust the temperature of the boiler which will raise or lower your steam temperature and indirectly raise or lower your brew temperature.

The Rocket Evoluzione R has a boiler and brew pressure gauge. The Rocket Appartamento only has a boiler pressure gauge.

The Rocket Evoluzione R has a stainless steel cup guard versus the Rocket Appartamento that has a plastic cup guard (upgradable to stainless at an additional cost)

Both machines have passive pre-infusion when used with the water tank. The Rocket Evoluzione R also has water line pre-infusion when direct connected.

Both machines have 1.8 liter copper boilers with brass end plates

The Rocket Evoluzione R has an insulated boiler versus the Rocket Appartamento that has an non-insulated boiler.

Insulated is better as it provides more thermal stability during the extraction and reduces energy consumption as well as protects the internal components of the machine from excessive exposure to heat.

Both machines have E61 group heads

Both machines have stainless steel housings

Both machines are heat exchangers

The Rocket Evoluzione R has a 2.9 liter water reservoir versus the Rocket Appartmento has a 2.25 liter water reservoir. So with the Rocket Evoluzione R you're going to be able to make more drinks before filling the water reservoir.

Both machines have no burn steam wands

Both machines have knobs for steam and hot water

Both machines have non-compression steam and hot water valves

Both machines have resettable height limit

Both machines have low water sensors

Both machines come with a metal tamper