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What does the pressure gauge on the Rocket Appartamento read?


What does the pressure gauge on the Rocket Appartamento read? The pressure gauge on the Rocket Appartamento tells you the pressure of the boiler. It does not tell you the pressure while brewing. So you can use that pressure to know when your machine is ready for use and you can use it to know when your machine is ready to steam. If the pressure gauges is in the green area you know that the temperature is high enough to pull your shots and you know it's at the proper temperature for steaming. But you can’t use that to determine your brew pressure. If you want a machine that reads brew pressure, you need to get something like the Rocket Mozzafiato Type V.

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Is a Non Insulated Boiler on the Rocket Appartamento a significant downside?

The Rocket Appartamento has a non-insulated boiler is this a significant downside to the machine? An insulated boiler has several benefits. One of the benefits is that it keeps the temperature more consistent and stable prior to and during extraction. Another benefit is that it protects the internal components of the machine from excessive heat. [...]

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Should the Portafilter Remain on the Espresso Machine Between Use

This video talks about the Rocket Appartamento, but this is also true with every espresso machine.Transcript:Should the portafilter remain on the Rocket Appartamento when not in use?Yes, always keep the portafilter on the machine, that way when you're ready to use it the portafilter is going to be nice and hot. What I see happen [...]

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How to Remove Side Panels on the Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

Video Transcript:This video shows you how to remove the side panels on the Rocket R58 espresso machine.Remove drip tray use a 7 millimeter combination wrench to remove the screws at the bottom of each panel. There will be six screws total with two screws on each panel. It is sometimes easier to first loosen the [...]

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How Much Does It Matter That the Rocket Appartamento Doesn't Have a PID?

Is it a significant issue that the Rocket Appartamento does not have a PID for temperature control?The Rocket Appartamento is a heat exchanger espresso machine. Due to the way a heat exchanger is designed the PID does not have as much benefit as if it were on a double boiler or a single boiler. The [...]

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Is it OK to Leave the Rocket Appartamento on All the Time?

Do you recommend leaving the Rocket Appartamento on 24 hours a day?A lot of people do. I usually recommend turning the machine on in the morning and turning it off at night just to reduce the amount of exposure the internal components have to heat over the number of years that it's in operation. People that leave the machine [...]

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How Long Does it Take for the Rocket Appartamento to Warm Up After Start Up?

How long does it take for the machine to be ready for use after first turning it on?For a machine like the Rocket Appartamento or any other similar prosumer grade machine you generally want to leave the machine on for 25 to 30 minutes to stabilize the temperature. You can use it earlier than that [...]

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How Reliable is the Rocket Appartamento?

How reliable is the Rocket Appartamento?Rocket espresso machines in general are quite reliable. They tend to work very well and we hardly have any warranty related issues with Rocket espresso machines.Usually any issues that do occur, happen immediately after a customer receiving the machine and those are usually related to shipping. Sometimes during shipping the [...]

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