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Water Quality

IMPORTANT: Water quality is a very important aspect of your espresso machine longevity. Water that is too hard will cause limescale buildup, which is the number one reason for operating problems and espresso machine failure. It can literally destroy an espresso machine. Too pure water, such as ultra pure RO water or distilled water can cause the machine to overfill, since the water level probe needs some minerals in the water to detect water. Ultrapure water may also cause the machine or heating element to shut off. If you have a directed connected machine and you have an RO system in your home or business, you may need to use a recalcifier to add some minerals back into the water. Use softened water that is about 50ppm in hardness or less. Follow manufacturers manual instructions about descaling as those should be considered the primary instructions. In general though, if you use water with a hardness level of 50ppm or less, descaling won't be needed very often - it is many times recommended once a year. If water hardness is over 50ppm you will need to descale on more regular intervals - sometimes recommended as often as once every couple months. Warranty does not cover espresso machine failures or parts failures, such as heating elements, water level probes, OPV valves, sensors, pumps, solenoids, etc, that have been caused by hard water usage and lack of descaling when water that is harder than the recommended level is used. We do not sell descaling solutions, as some manufacturers recommend specific products, or citric acid, or white vinegar solutions. Please use YouTube as a tool to supplement any manual directions for a visual aide.