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DF64, DF64P, DF64E, DF64S, SD40 and DF83 Coffee Grinders

We are proudly offering the Turin DF64 grinder, which is a single dose grinder that has become very popular over the past couple years. Single dosing grinders such as the DF64 and the also popular Niche zero grinder have transformed the home speciality grinder market. High retention is the norm with many other types of grinders, but with single dosing there is less coffee waste and better flavor. We also offer a smaller 40mm conical burr grinder, the Turin SD40, which is a very economical choice for single dosing for the beginner home user. The Turin DF64E is an electronic dosing version of the DF64 that allows for timed dosing, but can also be used as a single dose grinder. The DF83 is a grinder with large 83mm flat burrs, which is one of the most economical large flat burr grinders on the market today. We will be taking preorders for the late 2022 shipment.