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Turin™ SD40 Single Dose Low Retention Grinder

Was: $399.00
Now: $219.00
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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

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This product qualifies for free returns. We are confident that it is a very good grinder in it's price range, so if you don't like the grinder and want to return it within 30 days we will even cover the return shipping. We just ask that you keep all packaging. 

Product Videos

Turin SD40 Unboxing



Flair 58 Espresso Machine with the Turin SD40 Grinder

Turin SD40 First Espresso Shots

Turin SD40 Disassembly

Turin SD40 Side by Side Comparison with the Turin DF64


SD40 vs DF64 Noise Level Test


Niche Grinder vs Turin SD40 Grinder


SD40 Grinder Unboxing


SD40 Grinder Setup and Operation


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Dylan's Espresso Unboxing Video


Breville Built In Grinder vs Turin SD40 Grinder



The Turin SD40 is a single dose grinder that uses bellows and a tilted base to reduce retention. It has 40mm stainless steel conical burrs and a sturdy aluminum body.

Most grinders in the price range of this grinder are made with plastic, smaller burrs, ceramic burrs and are not very well built and have high retention. This grinder is well built with mostly metal construction and low retention. We are excited to be the exclusive US importer for this product and we think it will do very well when compared to other grinders in it’s price range. It compares well against the Breville Smart grinder, Ascaso grinders, Baratza grinders, Fellow grinders, and does a lot better in terms of grind quality when compared to blade grinders. In terms of noise level it is quieter than a lot of the grinders in it's price range.


  • Material: Body and base material is aluminum. Hopper is available in plastic or aluminum. Bellows are rubber.
  • Color Options: Body color - White, Black, and Polished Aluminum
  • Length: 6.75”
  • Width: 3.75”
  • Height: 12.5” with hopper, without bellows
  • Height: 14” with hopper and bellows
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs
  • Burrs: Stainless Steel 40mm Conical Burrs
  • Dosing Cup: Stainless steel
  • Volts: 110v, 60hz
  • Watts: 180 watt motor
  • Hopper Capacity: about 40 grams
  • RPM: Without beans 600, with beans 400

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  • 5
    Great grinder

    Posted by Janie on 15th Dec 2022

    I’m very new to the espresso world. I picked up a very cheap appliance grade machine on eBay and used my old burr grinder in a pressurized basket to see if I would enjoy the process. Then decided to get a non pressurized basket but knew It’d need a different grinder. Did a little research and decided to try this. I love the grinder. I think it is great for a newbie like me but I foresee it carrying me through to my next phase in this journey. Solid, easy to operate. Compared to my old grinder its really quiet. I’ve only used it for espresso and aeropress and it worked well for both. Happy with Espresso Outlet’s prompt communication and shipment.

  • 5

    Posted by Manish on 23rd Nov 2022

    This is an awesome little grinder. I bought this instead of Niche Zero as Niche was out of stock all the time and this is so much cheaper too. I added it to my setup that includes Gaggia Classic and Bezzera BB005 TM. Almost zero retention and produces espresso similar to bezzera grinder.

  • 5
    SD40 is Lightweight and Compact

    Posted by Corey on 19th Aug 2022

    I bought the SD40 as a travel grinder and I have to say I'm really impressed. Compared to my JX Pro hand grinder, the SD40 can make a pretty comparable espresso. If you have a Flair or a Robot and are looking for a quality budget grinder, the SD40 is the perfect companion. I started out hand grinding with my Flair and it was a pain to make anything more than a single espresso. Even though hand grinding might only take a minute, it really slows down your workflow. If I could go back to when I first got my Flair, I'd choose the SD40 in a heartbeat. One thing that stands out is just how small and lightweight this grinder is. I live in an apartment with limited counterspace, so the SD40 is perfect for tossing under a cabinet. As much as I love the DF64, it's cumbersome to move around. Obviously not an issue for those leaving it on the counter, but I don't think I'd ever travel with the DF64. The SD40, however, is super easy to pack into any bag. Taste-wise, the SD40 makes a cup of filter coffee that's similar to the Niche--that is, a full bodied, textured, rich cup that's occasionally slightly muddy. It makes a great cup of coffee, especially for medium-to-dark roasts, but it's more of a milkshake amalgam of flavors rather than the distinct separation of flavors you'd get with a flat burr grinder. I prefer my DF64 with SSP MP burrs for light roasts, but the cost is about 3 times the SD40. For darker roasted filter coffee or milk-based espresso drinks, though, I don't think there's anything better out there on the market at this price point. Bottom line, if you're looking for a budget grinder to start your espresso journey or are looking for a travel grinder and don't mind sacrificing a little clarity (for instance, with a high-end hand grinder) for the convenience of an electric grinder, look no further than the SD40.

  • 5
    Turin SD40

    Posted by Chris on 14th Jul 2022

    I’m so impressed with the small footprint, look, and function of it. Very very pleased.

  • 5
    Great sleek grinder

    Posted by Melizza on 12th Jul 2022

    I am loving my sleek little grinder. It does a great job while looking great on the counter. I’ve been able to make some tasty coffee using it.

  • 5
    Turin SD40 Grinder

    Posted by Matthew on 7th Jul 2022

    So considering the price point, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. I was coming from a Breville Barista Express grinder so I figured it had to be better than that, and I’ve been absolutely surprised by the quality of this grinder. I only use it for espresso, so I can’t comment on any other sizes, but for what I use it for, it’s great. Can’t imagine a better value. It does tend to retain approx .2g, though that has decreased as I use it more so I’m hoping it will continue to go down. But even with that, it’s a solid grinder for the money and I can’t recommend it enough.

  • 5
    SD40 Grinder

    Posted by na on 7th Jul 2022

    a very nicely built grinder that produces consistent grind size and tasty espressos. The included bellows makes this grinder extra nice as a low rentention grinder that rivals those that are quite a bit more expensive. one draw back is the slight powdering that Is present above the espresso chute after a few grinds. not enough to bother me (or for it to lose a star). A worthy grinder for any espresso bar indeed.

  • 5

    Posted by L on 7th Jul 2022

    Quiet, quick, easy to adjust, very little retention (<0.5g), and does not require modifications in my opinion.

  • 5

    Posted by JH on 6th Jul 2022

    Fantastic range from French press coarse to espresso fine. Using primarily for v60 pour overs, really happy with the results. Grinder itself is quiet and retains very little ground coffee.