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Turin™ DF64 Gen 1 v5 Single Dose Coffee Grinder

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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

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Unlike other companies that sell to the USA, we are located in the USA. These companies list at a lower cost, but the price does not include shipping/tariffs into the USA and they do not allow returns (we certainly do) and have no warranty support in the USA. We don't price match non-USA based retailers.

Gen 1 v5

All preorders will be v5. They are similar, but with V5 we have updated the burrs to a new better cut design and we are including a metal dosing cup (plastic on v4) and metal dosing collar (not included on v4)

This is the newest version with new font on adjustment dial, metal dial indicator, improved de-clumper, improved upper burr carrier, updated burr screws, and burr seals. For a simpler design with less potential points of failure, the newest version we are selling has an updated switch that no longer needs a circuit board. The switch is more manual and does not have auto stop feature after 45 seconds. 

Stop wasting coffee due to retention purging!

The Turin DF64 is a new single dose grinder that we are very excited about launching in the US. It comes with Italian made ItalMill 64mm flat burrs that deliver a fluffy grind with minimal clumping and consistent particle size distribution. Single dosing is the rage in the espresso aficionado world these days and there aren’t very many good options that don’t cost a ton.

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SSP Burr Upgrades (Optional)

We are offering this grinder with the option to upgrade the burrs to either high uniformity or unimodal SSP burrs. These are some of the best burrs on the market. If you order with these burrs, we will install them. If you prefer to install them yourself, please leave a comment in the order notes. SSP burrs are more sensitive to grind size adjustment, especially the high uniformity burrs, which we have found sometimes require a finer grind size setting than standard stainless steel burrs. For this reason we recommend pumping the bellows while the grinder is in operation to help force the coffee to exit the grind chamber. When we install the SSP burrs, we also replace the grind adjustment sticker so that the zero point is correct for the new burrs. We do include the standard stainless steel burrs with the grinder as well. 

Difference Between Burr Choices

We offer several burr options for the Turin DF64, including ItalMil stainless steel burrs, Italmil titanium burrs, SSP multipurpose burrs and SSP high uniformity burrs. The stainless steel burrs are a good standard burr that give good extraction results. The titanium burrs are identical to the stainless steel burrs, except the titanium coating helps the last sharper for about twice as long as the stainless steel burrs. The SSP burrs are outstanding burrs with outstanding results. They are considered by many to be the best burrs on the market. They are precision cut for the optimal ground coffee particles that yield optimal flavor. The coating on these burrs is very long lasting and can last sharp much longer than even the titanium coated burrs. We offer two types of SSP burrs – high uniformity and unimodal multipurpose. If you are someone that wants to make espresso based drinks as well as other types of coffee, then the multipurpose are probably the best choice. Both SSP options work well for espresso and which option is best for you will depend on the flavor you are looking for as well as the types of beans you use. SSP High Uniformity burrs are good for providing high mouthfeel, intense shots, balanced flavors with some floral / fruity flavors. They work well for all roast levels – light, medium and dark. SSP Unimodals have high clarity, sweet shots, well balanced with high extraction yields. They are best for higher brew ratios, such as 1:2, 1:3 or even more. They work best for medium and light roasts, but don’t work as well for dark roasts.

Video: SSP Burr Unboxing

Video: How to Install and Align SSP Burrs

After Market Turin Optional Add Ons

Dial Indicator / Tilted Cup Holder (Optional)

These add ons are made by Portakeeper. We are offering as an optional upgrade due to the frequent requests we get for them. When ordering the grinder you can select the option to get the dosing cup holder and dial indicator and we will include with the grinder. The dial indicator helps make it easier to see where the grind setting is at. The dosing cup holder gets the dosing cup closer to the grounds chute and reduces the amount of coffee that falls outside of the cup. 





Optional Metal Dosing Cup, iSwitch, and Metal Collars

iSwitch (Optional)

The iswitch makes it easier to turn the grinder on and off. 

Metal Dosing Cup

Metal dosing cup for the Turin DF64 Grinder

Metal Dosing Cup Collar (Optional)

Metal collar for the dosing cup on the Turin DF64 grinder. This is an after market product designed to help make the DF64 cleaner to operate.

Metal Portafilter Dosing Collar (Optional)

This is a metal collar to use with a portafilter on the Turin DF64 grinder. It is designed to make the operation of the DF64 less messy.

WDT Tool (Optional Add On)

Weiss distribution technique has become a very popular way to distribute coffee in the portafilter prior to tamping. This whisk tool has needles that are made with very thin acupuncture needles. Comes with a wall mount.

WDT Tool for DF64 Grinder

Burr Alignment (Optional)

While the burr alignment is pretty good out of the box, some customers want to ensure that their burrs are aligned as well as possible to ensure the best extraction possible. The DF64 uses flat burrs, so as with most flat burr grinders, alignment is a manual process that takes some time. We frequently have customers that want us to align non SSP burrs, while we aren't able to do this with every grinder, we do have an optional upgrade where we will align the burrs using the shim and marker alignment method. 

3 Year Protection Plan (Optional)

When you purchase from us, the grinders come standard with one year defective parts and labor warranty with warranty support here in the US. But if you want extended warranty you can upgrade to three year parts and labor warranty. Does not include natural wear and tear items, such as burrs and portafilter rest sleeves. 

USA Orders Only

We ship the grinders from the USA.  If you are in Canada we suggest visiting as they are an importer in Canada. 

Superior Consistency, Retention and Exchange

This grinder is designed to eliminate purging and has some outstanding retention and dose consistency metrics. In tests it has had the following results:

  • < 0.2 grams of variance in dose consistency. This is the variance between the weight of the coffee that is put into the grinder vs the weight of the coffee that is put out by the grinder when the grinder has completed the grinding cycle.
  • Total retention is less than 1 gram. After several doses have been ground, the retention is the amount that the grinder holds on the edges of the burrs, the grinding chute, between the burrs, etc. Anything that is retained in the grinding path. This is an important metric in single dosing grinders because to obtain the best flavor possible it is ideal to have as little retention as possible. Any retained coffee that remains in the grinding path will end up in the grounds for the next shot you pull. So if you grind your coffee for a shot today, the retained grinds will end up in your shot tomorrow. Retained coffee grounds get stale and will alter the flavor of tomorrows shot in a negative way and can be quite noticeable, especially with certain coffee beans.
  • < 0.3 grams of coffee exchange, which is a metric that calculates the amount of stale coffee from previous grinding sessions that ends up in the current grinding session. If you put 15 grams of beans in, you want to get 15 grams of freshly ground coffee out, but the reality is all grinders will put a little bit of stale coffee from a prior session into the current session. Many grinders have quite a few grams of exchange, even if you purge the grinding chamber prior to pulling a shot. 0.3 grams or less is a very good metric, especially for a grinder in this price range.


  • If you turn the grind on and it hums and doesn't sound like it is spinning, turn it off immediately and clean the grind chamber and grounds chute. To prevent clogging and burr jams, always adjust the grind size with the burrs spinning and the motor on and pump the bellows at the end of each grind session while the burrs are still spinning to remove any remaining grinds from the chamber. 
  • If you take the collar off for cleaning, wipe the threads off both the collar and the grinder with a paper towel or micro fiber cloth to make sure there are no grounds in the threads. Reapply a thin layer of food grade lubricant to the threads, and the part of the collar that touches the top burr carrier. See video here on how to do that. 
  • Damaged caused by not following the above is not considered a manufacturer defect and will not be covered by warranty. 

Features and Specifications

  • Italian made ItalMill 64mm stainless steel flat burrs. These can be replaced with Mazzer Super Jolly standard or redspeed burrs if you choose to do so.
  • Grinder comes with a 58mm food grade dosing cup. While a portafilter can be used in the portafilter rest, it is best to use the dosing cup, especially if your portafilter isn’t 58mm.
  • Dose into a dosing cup or directly into a portafilter. If you dose into a portafilter it can be messy and it is recommended that you use a dosing funnel.
  • Stepless adjustment with an infinite number of settings between the highest and lowest amount
  • Collar adjustment
  • 250 watt motor
  • 110 volt grinder with correct hertz for USA wiring
  • Weight 15lbs
  • Very compact size that allows this grinder to fit under any kitchen cabinet. Overall footprint is very small compared to other 64mm grinders.
  • 10” L, 5.2” W, 12” H
  • Blow hopper capacity: 50 grams
  • Comes with a blowing hopper and dosing cup
  • One year warranty















Sound Level

How to Use the Turin DF64 ELR

If this grinder is used correctly there is no need to purge the grinder to eliminate retention from prior shots.

  1. Weigh your whole beans with an Acaia Lunar Scale or similar weight measurement device
  2. Pour the beans into the blow hopper, put the bellows in place over the beans
  3. Put dosing cup in place
  4. Turn the grinder on using the switch at the base of the grinder
  5. Let it grind until nothing comes out, the apply rapid downward pressure to the bellows several times until no more grounds exit the chute.
  6. Remove the dosing cup and pour into your portafilter.
  7. The grinder will turn itself off automatically after a preset amount of time. You can allow it to shut itself off or you can push the button again to turn the grinder off.

Turin DF64 vs the Eureka Oro Grinder

Video review

How to Clean the Turin DF64 ELR Grinder

For best results and to prevent any potential build up in the grinds chute, it is recommended that you do this after every two weeks of use.

  1. Install the bellows to the blow hopper and power on the grinder. While the burrs are spinning push the bellows rapidly several times to clear the grind chamber.
  2. With the grinder unplugged, turn the adjustment disc counter clockwise to remove it. It will take several spins. Once it is removed, lift out the upper burr holder, while being careful not to lose the springs. Make a note of how the springs are positioned so you know how to put back in place.
  3. Clean both burrs with a stiff grinder cleaning brush. Also clean around the burrs as well as the grinds exit chute. You can tip upside down to remove the grounds or use a vacuum. Be careful not to drop or lose the springs!
  4. Reinstall the upper burr holder (make sure the springs are in place). Put the adjustment collar in place, and while pushing down turn it clockwise until it won’t move (don’t overtighten), then move it counterclockwise to about position 10 on the adjustment scale. The grinder is now in roughly the espresso range, but you will need to adjust up or down to dial in the right size for your specific bean. Sometimes small adjustments can make a big difference.


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How to Install and Align Burrs

G-iota or Solo or Turin, What is the difference?

They are the same grinder, but the manufacturer allows companies to private label them. We are private labeling them the Turin DF64 here in the USA. The G-iota and Solo are names used in Europe. 

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  • 5
    DF64 V5

    Posted by Hank Savin on 16th Sep 2023

    This grinder is absolutely amazing and feels well built. My coffee comes out fluffier than ever before and it was a breeze to dial in. I’m coming from the built in grinder on a breville barista express and didn’t know what I was missing. After much research I went ahead and placed my order and waited with anticipation on the arrival of the grinder. Very happy and pleased with my purchase. I’ve had it approximately five months now and have had zero issues.

  • 5
    DF64 V4 Grinder

    Posted by Dan Yamnitz on 14th Feb 2023

    So happy with this grinder! I did so much research prior to purchasing one (probably too much) and ended up going with the DF64, it's an amazing machine and the variety of grinds is astounding, I can go from espresso grinds to pour-over with just a simple twist (I went with the SSP High Uniformity burrs). The retention is almost zero, so what you put in is what you get out thanks to the baffle. I highly recommend!

  • 5
    Wonderful single dose grinder.

    Posted by bbftx on 10th Oct 2022

    Love the power of this grinder. Particle size distribution of the grind seems fairly narrow, with few fines. This yields very low bitterness for me. The bellows really work well and used probably, there is little to no retention in the grinder from grind to grind.

  • 5
    Affordable and High Quality

    Posted by David Friess Jr on 9th Sep 2022

    I have had this grinder for over a year and it is truly in a league of its own; I cannot think of a better quality grinder for the price. Pros: Quiet, easy to work on, easy to clean, plenty of mods and upgrade potential, low static after breaking in, great dial for grind size indication, and relatively quiet. Cons: A bit of a static issue while breaking in, distance from chute to cup is a bit long which leads to some grinds not going directly into the cup, and an awkward power button location. I would absolutely recommend this grinder especially from this seller.

  • 5
    DF64 Grinder Review

    Posted by Steven Dombrowski on 13th Jul 2022

    Loving the new addition, DF64 single dose with upgraded burrs. Pulled a bad shot 22 in 60 out, was one of the best cups of coffee I had, lol. Dialed in for the bean I use and it grinds and produces the best espresso I personally have tried. Love it!!! By far this is the best Grinder I have owned. I don’t like the $700+ for this but I don’t go to coffee shops and need the best in my home. For the first time ever, I have taste and smell the notes of the espresso. Only thing I don’t like is how there is no one and off switch. The grinder is always on. So I bought a BN-Link smart plug to set up auto on and off as well as being able to control from my phone. History: Started with BBE using built in grinder 2015. Upgraded to Breville Smart Grinder pro two years later. Upgraded to Sette 270 few months later. Upgraded to Oracle 2021 Upgraded to Eureka Specialita 2022 Upgraded to DF64 Single dose 2022

  • 5
    DF64 Grinder

    Posted by Jay Johnson on 11th Jul 2022

    I feel that espresso outlet really cares about its customers. Even with an item on back order, I felt communicated to on status / delays (which were no fault of theirs, general supply chain issues). one of the official suppliers for the Turin DF64, that also offered some of the add-on's I wanted like upgraded burrs, metal dosing cup, etc.

  • 4
    Turin DF64

    Posted by Christopher Schaefer on 11th Jul 2022

    The DF64 is a solid, straight-forward grinder. Out-of-the box grinding is easy and the distribution with the chosen burrset (unimodal) is wonderful. Shots are clean, bright, and complex! Grounds retention isn't horrible but the aftermarket 3D printed accessories help with both workflow and grounds cleanup. Despite the supply chain and port issues, which epsressooutlet did a great job of keeping me informed, I then experienced shipper issues. Again, espressooutlet made things right and provided a replacement post haste (the original grinder never made it to me). The wait was worth it and in the meantime I had great e-mail conversations regarding bees with the owners. :) What made you choose Espresso Outlet? The presence on Facebook, good customer testimonials, and solid communication built my confidence in doing business with espressooutlet.

  • 5
    DF64 Single Dose Grinder

    Posted by Matthew K. on 7th Jul 2022

    Joe has excellent prices and communication. Once the product arrived from manufacturer, he shipped it right out. The DF64 is the best band for the bucks when it comes to having one grinder that can go between filter and espresso!

  • 5
    DF64 Coffee Grinder

    Posted by liz on 7th Jul 2022

    Quiet, quick, easy to adjust, very little retention (<0.5g), and does not require modifications in my opinion. Joe is responsive, honest, and cares about his customers.