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DF64 v5 All Purpose Coffee Grinder by Turin - PREORDER

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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

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EARLY BIRD PREORDER SALE - Free Metal Cup & Dosing Collar For Preorders

Preorders About Mid April (estimated). We previously said end of March, but decided to install improved burrs, metal dosing cup, and metal dosing collar, which will push it out to about mid April (earliest)

These orders will be preorders for the next shipment and are priced at special preorder discounts. Follow this page for shipment updates as they could change. The only difference between this page and this product, is if you order on this page you have to wait a longer time to get it and therefore you get a discounted price. We will raise the preorder price as it gets closer to the shipment date.

USA WARRANTY AND SUPPORT. Unlike other companies that sell to the USA, we are located in the USA. These companies list at a lower cost, but the price does not include shipping/tariffs into the USA and they do not allow returns (we certainly do) and have no warranty support in the USA. We don't price match non-USA based retailers. 



There are numerous videos on this grinder that can be found on youtube, instagram, pinterest, tiktok and other video hosting platforms, but we have a player below that has a lot of different videos of this grinder. Scroll down for more details. 

DF64 V5

The v5 has new improved burrs, a metal dosing cup and a metal dosing collar included with the grinder. We sell the latest version of the DF64, which has a lot of incremental improvements have been put in place since the original design came out. Some of these include, a newer thinner declumper, seals under the top and bottom burrs, an extra declumper set, an updated adjustment size sticker design, newly cast burr carrier with less tolerance and better out of the box alignment, and larger, more precisely positioned screws for less “wobble” of the burrs as they are spinning around since the screws help keep the burrs more precisely centered.


There are a lot of different grinders on the market today, so there are a lot of different options to choose from, but if you go to forums, facebooks groups, reddit and other social media platforms, one of the grinder names you will see repeatedly is the Turin DF64 grinder, and with good reason. The DF64 grinder is a single dose grinder with large 64mm flat burrs that produces grind quality results that are on par with grinders that are sometimes two or three times the cost. This is especially true if the burrs are upgraded to one of the SSP burr options. The DF64 grinder is so popular that there are a lot of companies trying to knock it off, but why get one of those copies when you can get the real deal at a great price? The Niche is a conical burr single dose grinder that is also popular and has been around for along time, but the DF64, although newer, has been competing very well against the Niche Zero. So well in fact that many in social media have dubbed the DF64 the “niche killer”. This is not something that we call it, but if you search for “niche killer” on Google or Youtube you may see it referenced that way.


One of the major home barista trends over the last few years is single dosing grinders. Why? Because they save money and help produce the best grind quality possible. With traditional manual or electronic dosing grinders that have hoppers, coffee remains between the burrs between each use. In some grinders, even very high-end grinders, the amount of coffee that remains between the burrs can be as much as 3 to 7 grams. Coffee that remains between the burrs gets stale and aerated very quickly after it is ground and this has an adverse effect on extraction and flavor. With single dosing grinders like the DF64, there is still some retention, but it is very minimal compared to traditional grinders. In many tests the DF64 grinder has about 0.2 grams of retention after the use of bellows at the end of each grind session (while the motor is still on). While some companies call their grinders “zero” retention, there is no grinder that is truly zero retention as there is always at least a little bit that remains behind, but the DF64 gets it pretty close to zero. There are a variety of basket sizes for double shots of espresso, but the most popular VST basket is 18 grams. 0.2 grams is 1/90th of 18 grams. Compare this to a grinder that has 6 grams of retention, which is about 1/3rd of the 18 grams. This makes a big difference in flavor.


The design of the DF64 is quite simple which helps make it a very reliable grinder. If the grinder is used correctly and kept properly cleaned and lubricated there are not many things that can go wrong with the grinder. We even had the manufacturer remove the timer feature on the button that some vendors sell it with in order to remove the circuit board required for the timer feature to operate. Without the timer feature, the units we sell don’t have a circuit board, which is one less thing that can go wrong with this grinder.


Being a single dose grinder, it is easy to switch between both brew methods and different coffees. If you are someone that likes to make v60 at one point during the day, but an espresso at another point, the DF64 is a grinder that allows you to do this. It is also a great grinder for someone that likes to switch between a variety of coffees, such as a single source coffee from Kenya to another coffee from Costa Rica. While this is possible with hopper-based grinders, a single dose grinder allows you to do this without wasting valuable coffee.


There are several variations of the DF64 grinder, including the DF64P, DF64E, and DF64S, as well as some poorly engineered copycat designs that are trying to capitalize on the success of the DF64 without producing their own unique product. The DF64P and DF64E are espresso only grinders designed to allow users to fine tune espresso as much as possible. The DF64 original is designed for all types of coffees and brew methods and can also do well with espresso. The DF64S is a grinder being introduced late 2022 and will be a variable speed grinder.


With essentially all metal construction, the DF64 is not a cheaply made grinder. It has a metal base, body, dosing cup holder, lower burr carrier, upper burr carrier, and adjustment collar. Other than the grinds chute and declumper there really isn’t much on this grinder that isn’t made of metal.


There have been a variety of declumper designs since the DF64 was introduced, some designed by the manufacturer, and some after market designs, including the Mythos declumper. While there are some retailers that are selling it with a two-piece declumper that is also used on the DF64P and DF64E, we don’t think this design works well with some grind sizes and have decided to have ours built with a single piece, thinner silicon declumper. For those that want to try the two-piece declumper, all units from the preorder shipment will also include the two piece declumper in the box, but not installed.


Due to the vinyl wraps on the Turin DF64, there are numerous color possibilities. The most popular colors we sell are black, carbon black, matte black, carbon white, and white. We also sell quite a few copper, light blue, red, and cream. Less popular colors are orange, purple, pink, light green, yellow, and unwrapped aluminum.


We offer a range of burrs for the DF64 grinder. They come standard with stainless steel burrs or titanium coated burrs which are installed at the factory, but they can be upgraded to SSP multipurpose (unimodal), SSP High Uniformity (Espresso), and SSP Lab Sweet Cast burrs. Each burr set gives a little bit different flavor nuance. While the stainless steel and titanium burrs are good burrs, the SSP burrs are the industry standard for an outstanding burr. They are precision engineered and coated with a very long-lasting finish that helps them stay sharp for a long, long time. If you don’t have an accidently stone in your coffee that can chip the burrs, the SSP burrs can last sharp for thousands of pounds of coffee. SSP multipurpose give a lot of clarity and work well for light and medium roast. SSP High Uniformity work best for more body and tend to work best for espresso and darker roasted coffee as well as for milk-based espresso drinks. SSP lab sweet cast burrs work especially well for pour over, but also for espresso and give a perceived sweetness when dialed in correctly.

Alignment / Calibration

Factory checks the alignment, and if we install titanium or SSP burrs we calibrate the zero point by default. While there is always a point that a grinder can be aligned further, there is a point of diminishing returns and we don't think additional alignment is needed based on taste tests we have conducted. 


The Turin DF64 is a stepless adjustment grinder with an infinite number of settings between the highest and lowest settings on the grinder. This allows the user to fine tune the grind size to precisely the best grind size for each given coffee. The adjustment dial has labels for different types of coffees to make it easier to find the correct grind size, but those are for reference only and the grind size for every coffee bean can be fine-tuned to both the individual bean attributes as well as the brew method.


Since the DF64 is a flat burr grinder it is important to adjust the grind size WHILE the burrs are spinning and the grinder is on. Failing to do this can create clogging and jamming issues. It is also important to always pump the bellows firmly at the end of each grind session WHILE the grinder is still on. This will keep the grind chamber nice and clean and prevent build up of coffee oils in the grind chamber. If you pump the bellows after the burrs have stopped spinning, the sweepers inside of the chamber will block some coffee from exiting.


  • 64mm stainless steel flat burrs.
  • Grinder comes with a 58mm food grade dosing cup. While a portafilter can be used in the portafilter rest, it is best to use the dosing cup, especially if your portafilter isn’t 58mm. The dosing cup can also be upgraded to a stainless-steel metal dosing cup. If you choose this as an add on you also get the original plastic dosing cup.
  • Metal dosing collars (optional) keeps things neat and tidy.
  • Tilted cup holder (optional) are an alternative to dosing collars and push the cups closer to the grind exit chute to prevent grounds from flying out when the bellows are pumped.
  • Stepless adjustment with an infinite number of settings between the highest and lowest amount
  • Collar adjustment
  • 250-watt motor
  • 110-volt grinder with correct hertz for USA wiring
  • Grinder Weight 15lbs, Shipping weight; 17lbs
  • Very compact size that allows this grinder to fit under any kitchen cabinet. Overall footprint is very small compared to other 64mm grinders.
  • 10” L, 5.2” W, 12” H
  • Blow hopper capacity: 50 grams
  • Optional “iswitch” that allows the grinder to be turned on and off by pushing on the portafilter or dosing cup instead of by pushing the button with your finger.
  • Optional anti popcorn device which is helpful to have if you don’t want to put the lid on every time you grind
  • Includes bellows
  • One year warranty, upgradable to three-year warranty.

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  • 5
    Df64 Coffee Grinder

    Posted by Jim on 28th Jan 2023

    Great grinder! I’m new to brewing espresso, with about a month and a half and 150 cups under my belt (figuratively and literally). Ordered with the optional burrs for espresso and the grinder immediately elevated my game. I brewed barista-quality espresso. If you don’t believe a quality flat burr grinder can improve your espresso I can tell you first hand-you’re wrong!

  • 4
    Great! But skip the addons

    Posted by Sam on 18th Jan 2023

    The grinder arrived quickly within a few days! The grinder itself has static issues, but I’m guessing you’ve already done your research and it’s nothing a spritz of water can’t handle. It doesn’t fix it completely, but it helps a lot as long as you remember the extra step. So the grinder is great, but not the addons supplied by espresso outlet. The anti-popcorn device has a lip where beans will get stuck, defeating the purpose of single dosing. The workaround is to remove the device before inserting beans then insert it back. It’s a hassle. The wood lid came cracked and ultimately doesn’t match the metal construction. Also “matte white” is actually carbon fiber white. Don’t be tricked by the name like I was.

  • 5
    DF 64

    Posted by Shripad on 17th Jan 2023

    Excellent and simple to use espresso grinder, works very well to get the fine grind quality needed for La Pavoni.

  • 5
    Great Grinder and Great Distributor

    Posted by Johnny on 4th Nov 2022

    Perfect grinder for both espresso and filter! Fantastic value. Great customer service by Espresso Outlet too, because a couple of parts came in with scratches, and when I emailed Espresso Outlet about it, they immediately sent out replacement parts at no extra charge.

  • 5
    Turn DF64 Grinder V3 - Preorder

    Posted by Daniel Kim on 19th Sep 2022

    Shipping was EXTREMELY fast and I had conversed with Joe prior to purchase and he answered all my questions and the item came just as I expected without any headaches. To my surprise Joe had the SSP burrs I bought as an option installed already and Joe also included a grind indicator for easy grind setting reading! I've been using this grinder every day for the past month and I love it. You rock Joe!

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