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Top 7 POS (Point of Sale) Systems for Coffee Shops

POS System Reviews and Discussion

POS systems are a popular topic in our Coffee Business Owner Group. If you are signed into facebook and a group member you can review the posts and comments about the systems here.


The following are the most popular POS systems used in coffee shops along with brief descriptions of each as described on the company website. Square is the most popular system, but some of the other systems get good reviews. Our summaries for each are based on user comments from our Coffee Business Owner facebook group. We don't sell the systems, but list them for your convience. 

1. Square



Built for simplicity, and trusted by more than 2 million businesses globally.

Set up your free Square Point of Sale system with ease. The intuitive order and payment flow makes POS transactions a snap and lets you effortlessly manage customers and your entire business.


Review Summary

Here is a summary of comments people have made about Square.

  • Simply the best for coffee shops in terms of costs, user experience, and customer service. I love how easy the marketing functions are through square. Square charges a fee for reward programs, Clover it’s free. Square can be hard to get tech support when there is an issue. Square 1000%. Square hands down. Square is the most cost effective when compared to Toast. Uses an ipad. You can purchase everything online and don’t have to go direct through square. You can have a back printer and add more, especially wireless. Square easy to use, cheap to replace if it breaks, daily sales charts that let you monitor trends.

2. Clover



Take orders and accept payments quickly with Clover systems designed for your restaurant’s fast-paced environment. Connect front and back of house, run promotions, and manage your team. Process your customers' debit and credit card transactions. Full POS system. Your Clover system accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless payments. Use it as a complete POS or a standalone payment system.

Review Summary

Here is a summary of comments people have made about Clover.

  • Better equipment, more flexibility and better backend technology. You can integrate 3rd party apps, where square is limited. If you want to add in inventory, time management, mobile ordering, clover is the best option.

3. Toast



Increase revenue and streamline operations with a point of sale platform designed to power your entire restaurant. A handheld point of sale designed to let your team spend more time with guests and less time running around. Access and manage your restaurant from wherever you are, whether you’re in the back of house or miles away. A digital ordering platform designed to save you time and money with orders that flow directly into your kitchen.

Review Summary

Here is a summary of comments people have made about Toast.

  • Ask about getting quotes lowered. I love toast. We absolutely love Toast. Toast is terrible. No tech help. Goes down a lot.

4. Cake



Streamline your restaurant with faster table turns, shorter lines, and increased customer loyalty. Treat every guest to consistently superior service with guest, table, and waitlist management. Integrated online ordering directly into your CAKE Point of Sale.

Review Summary

Here is a summary of comments people have made about Cake

  • Has online ordering options. Uses 7 shifts for scheduling. Set up fees very reasonable. Customer service was amazing. Ask about specials. We use Cake and love it.

5. NCR



Give your customers the convenience, control and flexibility they deserve. Our NCR POS systems are trusted by some of the most well-known brands around the world -- both large and small.

6. Shopkeep



Designed by someone who’s been on your side, our intuitive software makes adding inventory, taking transactions, and running your business on-the-go a breeze. ShopKeep takes the ‘hard’ part out of the hardware selection process. We’ll customize your bundle for speed and efficiency. With our integrated credit card processing solution ShopKeep Payments, you can accept all payment types at the lowest rate, guaranteed.

7. SelbySoft, Inc



Used by thousands of cafes, drive thrus & restaurants, SelbySoft has been helping small businesses and chains increase sales, cut costs and better manage their locations for over 25 years. Don't think that means that we are a stale "traditional" point of sale system. SelbySoft has developed a cutting edge pos and MobileGift apps that combine some of the best features of traditional and cloud based systems.