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Importance of a Good Quality Tamper

Most espresso machines do come with a tamper, but most of the tampers they come with are not good quality and most are made of plastic. If the espresso machine you use comes with a good quality tamper with a metal or wood handle and a high quality aluminum or stainless steel base, you may not need to purchase an additional tamper, but if your machine only comes with a plastic tamper it would be a good idea to consider purchasing a high quality tamper. Without a high quality tamper you simply will not get good results when making an espresso. 

Tamper Size Recommendations

The following tamper sizes are for reference, but we don't quarantee them as manufacturers change things without notice and there are numerous machines on the market, so it's hard to be specific about every one.

Suggested Tamper Size Machine Brand Home/Commercial
49 Delonghi (Old models) Home
49 La Pavoni Lever (Pre-mel) Home
49 Cremina Home
49 Olympia Club Home
49 Olympia Express Home
51 Bodum Granos Home
51 Gaggia Factory Levers Home
51 La Pavoni Lever (Post-mel) Home
52 Starbucks Barista Home
53 La Spaziale Home / Commercial
53 Faema Family Home
53 La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si Home
53 Saeco Home
53 Solis Home
55 Mokita Home
55 San Marco Commercial
56 Asta Commercial
56 Aurora Commercial
56 Unic Commercial
57 Ascaso Home
57 Innova Home
57 La Pavoni Napolitano Home
58 ECM Home
58 Rocket Home
58 Espressione Home
58 Gaggia Semi Autos Home
58 Kitchen Aid Proline Home
58 La Valentina Home
58 Rancilio Home / Commercial
58 Quick Mill Home
58 Astoria Commercial
58 Bezzera Home / Commercial
58 Brasilia Commercial
58 Bunn Commercial
58 Cimbali Junior Casa Home / Commercial
58 ECM Commercial
58 Elektra Commercial
58 Expobar Commercial
58 Faema Commercial
58 Grimac Commercial
58 Isomac Home / Commercial
58 La Marzocco Home / Commercial
58 Nuova Simonelli Commercial
58 Pasquini Home / Commercial
58 Synesso Commercial
58 Wega Commercial

Calibrated Tampers

The Espro calibrated tamper is a great tool to help you tamp consistently. Consistency is important when making espresso - when you try to change something such as grind size, you'll know it's the grind size that made the difference in flavor, etc, not the tamping pressure. By always using the same pressure it eliminates tamping pressure as a variable. Here is a link to the Espro Calibrated tamper page:

For many years it was said that 30lbs of pressure was the best tamping pressure and that's what the Espro calibrated tamper is set at. Recent studies have shown that 30 lbs isn't that critical, especially with machines that have preinfusion. What is important is evenness, and as mentioned before consistency of your process. 

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