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Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Dual Boiler Espresso Machine v3

MSRP: $3,495.00
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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

NOTE: Poor water quality will destroy your espresso machine. Learn More

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Rocket R58 V3 



Included with Every Rocket R58 Purchase 

  • FREE - Two Year Warranty
  • FREE - Direct connect kit for directly connecting to a water line. Never fill a water tank again once you connect it! You can also use it without direct connecting as it is a switchable machine with a full size water tank. 
  • FREE - Direct drain kit. Connect your new Rocket R58  and you won't have to empty the drip tray. If you can't do it, no worries this machine can work with drip tray only or connected. 


Video Review of the Rocket R58 Espresso Machine



The R58 is another outstanding espresso machine designed by Rocket Espresso Milano. Some of its key features include a dual boiler, a commercial grade rotary water pump, PID temperature control, and the choice between using a water reservoir or a direct water connection.

Hand Made In Italy - Watch the R58 Being Made

Body Construction

The Rocket R58 is made with high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, providing long lasting beauty and durability. Even the cup frame surround is made with stainless steel.

Commercial Grade Brew Head

Weighing in at 9 lbs, the Rocket R58 has one of the highest quality, commercial grade group heads available, providing outstanding heat stability. Heat stability is a crucial part of making good espresso as temperature fluctuations can greatly alter the flavor and consistency of brewed espresso.


Dual Pre-Infusion System

Obtain smooth coffee extraction with great aroma, body, and “crema” through a dual pre-infusion system. The system features a mechanical pre-infusion system with a progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber. Anyone who has done their research in the espresso machine market will know this is a unique feature that isn’t available on many competing espresso machines.

Two Copper Boilers

The boiler for coffee brewing has a 0.58 liter capacity, while the second boiler has a 1.7 liter capacity and is used for steaming / hot water dispensing. Both boilers are made with high quality copper and come with brass end plates, providing great heat stability. For additional temperature stability, the boilers have external insulation. Heating power is optimized to result in quick heat up times. The brewing boiler uses 1400 watts and the steaming / hot water dispenser boiler uses 1400 watts. When the boilers are used simultaneously, the combined power consumption of both boilers combined is 1550 watts.


Commercial Grade Rotary Vane Water Pump

For optimal performance, the Rocket R58 features a commercial grade, high quality, rotary water pump. It even has external pressure adjustment for enhanced pressure control.

Video: Sound Level of the Rotary Vane Pump on the Rocket R58

The sound level of the Rocket R58 rotary vane pump during extraction is about 67 decibels if measured right next to the machine. If measured 3 feet away, the sound level drops to about 59 decibels.


Dual Pressure Gauges

Monitor the pressure in each boiler with high quality, dual pressure gauges – one gauge for each boiler.



Cool Touch Steam Wand

A nice feature on the Rocket R58 is the cool touch, anti-burn, stainless steel steam wand. Only the nozzle gets hot during operation, making operation, safe and worry free. As an added benefit, milk doesn’t bake to the wand during operation, making cleaning a breeze. The steam nozzle is designed for easy milk frothing and can produce some of the finest microfoam possible.


Low Water Indicator

A microprocessor is used to automatically control the water level in both boilers. An additional low water indication system monitors the water reservoir to ensure that water level doesn’t get too low. Operating the machine without water can cause costly damage to the heating element. The low water indication system helps prevent this from happening. The power button will flash when the water is low.


Water Reservoir or Direct Water Connection

The Rocket R58 has two water options – a reservoir or a direct water connection. The water reservoir has a capacity of 2.5 liters. The espresso machine also has a full drip tray drainage system.

Commercial Grade Rocker Power Switch



Adjustable Feet

Removable Side Panels 

Video: Removing the top and side panels on the Rocket R58



W: 12.2” D: 17.3” H: 16.1”


64 lbs


  • Commercial grade one and two cup portafilters
  • One and two cup filter baskets
  • One blind filter
  • Metal tamper
  • Microfiber towel
  • Group cleaning brush
  • Full training guide and instructions (CD and manual)


Feature Overview 

  • E61 commercial group
  • Finely crafted 304 stainless steel case
  • Dual pre-infusion system
  • Non-compression hot water and steam valves
  • No burn stainless steel hot water and steam wands
  • Two hole steam tip
  • Easy access to the water tank
  • Boiler and group pressure gauges
  • PID controller for the group boiler and the steam boiler temperature
  • Rotary pump
  • Large 2.5 liter water reservoir
  • Low water sensor
  • Direct plumb water connection
  • Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double)
  • Stainless steel backflush disk
  • Informative DVD that explains how to make great espresso
  • User manual
  • 15 amp only

Video: How To: Unboxing the Rocket R58 v3 for First Time Use


Rocket Espresso Machine Facebook Timeline Photos

Rocket Espresso - Care and Maintenance Video


Video: How to Make Espresso with a Rocket Espresso Machine


The Rocket Story - Handmade in Italy












Company History

Rocket Espresso Milano was founded by Andrew Meo and Daniele Berenbruch with the vision of producing only the finest, handmade, legendary machines. They achieved their goal by purchasing the rights to designs from the Italian company ECM - a company known for superb home espresso machines. Rocket espresso machines are now known as some of the most beautiful, well designed machines in the world.

NOTE: To prevent shipping damage, all Rocket R58s are now shipping on a pallet via common carrier. This is the most up to date 2017 updated version with adjustable feet. Some websites have it listed as v3, but it's actually v2 with adjustable feet added.

Best Use:
Office \ Home
Approvals: CE
EE \ Semi-Automatic
Dual boiler (2.38 liter): Insulated copper steam boiler (1.8 liter, 1400 watt heating element) \ Group Boiler (0.58 liter, 1400 watt heating element)
Cup Size:
Traditonal Cup
1 Group
Output Capacity:
20 Espressos Per Hour
PID Temperature Controller:
External PID controller for the group boiler and the steam boiler temperature
Plumbing / Tank:
Reservoir (2.5 liter) and Direct Water Line Connection
Rotary pump
Boiler and group pressure gauges. Low water sensor.
Drain Tray:
Drain tray
Hot Water Spigot:
1 Stainless steel no-burn hot water spigot
e61 Grouphead with manual lever for semiautomatic operation
Steam Arms:
1 Stainless steel no-burn steam arm with 2 hole steam tip
Amps / Volts:
15 Amps \ 110 Volts
1400 watt heating element (steam and group boilers)
Stainless steel
E61 commercial group. Finely crafted 304 stainless steel case. Dual pre-infusion system. Non-compression hot water and steam valves.
Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double). Free metal tamper. Stainless steel backflush disk. Drain Kit. Informative DVD that explains how to make great espresso. User manual.
Height: 16.25 inches \ 41.3 centimeters with Cup Guard. 15.00 inches \ 38.1 centimeters without Cup Guard. New adjustable feet
Width: 12.25 inches \ 31.1 centimeters
Depth: 17.50 inches \ 44.5 centimeters
Weight: 64 pounds \ 29.0 kilograms

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  • 5
    Rocket R58

    Posted by Seamus Mckendy on 28th Jan 2020

    Approximate Time Owned 1 Year Rating Overall 5 Reliability Rating 4 Value for the Price 5 Usability Rating 5 Aesthetics Rating 4 Detailed Review: I originally purchased the R58 instead of the Linea mini. At roughly half the cost, the value seemed substantial. The steam power is superb, 10 seconds for a flat white. The E61 grouphead is a time proven design, and the amount of support or after market parts is wide ranging. Do yourself a favour and pick up a bottomless portafilter with your machine, you'll thank me later. After using the machine for a year, I'm exceedingly pleased. If I didn't suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I could comfortable keep this machine for the rest of my life. Maintaining it is simple once explained, even if you don't have a background in electrics or plumbing. The Pros are: -The PID used to set the temperatures of the Two boilers is quite easy to use. This makes it a great choice for both milk drinkers and americanos alike. -The Chrome aesthetics are fantastic (to my personal taste) -The passive cup warmer lets your cups warm up nice and toasty, and is great for drying dishes of all types! -The same performance whether in Reservoir or Direct connection mode, great for people to might move around frequently -Better Steaming angle than the other Rocket Home machines -Rotary pump The Cons: -Slow heat up time of aprox. 30 minutes (although one could argue all machines of this calibre suffer the same) -No built in Auto on programming, solved this issue with a wifi capable smart plug -The price I suppose, although to be honest this is one of the most affordable dual boilers out there. A little bit of insider knowledge for those curious, the R58 has a better control box, steam valve, and boiler insulation than the other Rocket home machines, as well as a larger casing to dissipate heat better. This is truly a life time machine and Rocket is happy to support "Right to repair", so learn how to service your E61 group-head, and save yourself some dough!

  • 4
    Rocket R58

    Posted by Tom on 18th Jan 2020

    Approximate Time Owned 6mo Rating Overall 4 Reliability Rating 5 Value for the Price 4 Usability Rating 4 Aesthetics Rating 5 Detailed Review: The R58v2 has most beautiful, classic aesthetics with stainless steel plumbing to please the eye and gauges that offer both easily legible pressure values for (1) steam and for (2) brewing pressure. For most home users, once calibrated, Rocket offers a reliable, pleasing, and high quality product that is evident both from external hardware as well as the internal plumbing. Where the product falls a bit short is on the controls end, which is why Rocket introduced the R60. An external terminal is used to adjust pressure and temperature setpoints, which are both single set point values. The D-Shell connector is easy to apply but neither arc proof nor IP67 rated. Since the basic adjustments are done off line, it doesn't matter much, but it does date the electronics to a technology more reminiscent of the 80s. The terminal is not in use under normal operation, and can thus be stashed away. For sophisticated users that either need a pressure profile option (typical spline fitting between 5-7 set points along the curve that represents pressure settings during a single brew cycle), the upgrade to the R60 is an option, albeit a significant step up in price. With this upgrade come stainless steel boilers (2) and WiFi controls which allow adjustment over an app. Still the R58 is a solid machine that performs well over time and makes an excellent cup of coffee.

  • 5
    Rocket R58

    Posted by Jonathan Luke on 12th Dec 2019

    Approximate Time Owned 4 years Rating Overall 5/5 Reliability Rating 5/5 Value for the Price 5/5 Usability Rating 5/5 Aesthetics Rating 5/5 Detailed Review The Rocket R 58 is a sweet machine. It’s one of the more popular semi-automatic commercial machines as it provides you with a café quality espresso. It has a dual boiler, steam pressure consistency, you can plumb it or use the reservoir, and it’s quiet. ​For these reasons, I assume it was designed for home-baristas with taste, or, for small cafes.​​ Unless you are going down deeper into the rabbit hole of barista-style coffee at home (and it’s a long, dark hole some days – let me tell you), this is a great machine - especially for the price. As a semi-automatic, it is a bit easier for the newer members of the cafe-quality-coffee-at-home tribe, while still offering the opportunity for those with more knowledge to dig in deeper to the features and controls. Plus, you get many of the features that you find in much more expensive models.

  • 5
    rocket r58

    Posted by Apostolos Tsivolas on 12th Dec 2019

    Pros It is made in Italy, has a stainless steel, it is quiet due to rotary pump, has a dual Copper Boiler, has an external Electronic PID, has manual Pre-Infusion, has a water reservoir or can be hooked up to your water line's sooo beautiful! Cons(only one!) PID doesnt show the temperature live

  • 5
    Almost the best

    Posted by Christopher C. on 9th Sep 2019

    the R58 is a beautiful and well made machine, I've had 7 or 8 professional machines over the past 15 years, this is my 2nd favorite for home use. I preferred the Alex Duetto though. The larger water tray, more confined E61 head that doesn't spill over the front like the Rocket, the more powerful steam boiler and a few other things were just better for daily use on the Duetto. That said the r58 is a solid 2nd place for home use machines.

  • 5
    Couldn't be happier

    Posted by Mike M. on 9th Sep 2019

    What can be said? It's a great machine. No problems. I received it two days after ordering it.

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph G on 9th Sep 2019

    Well i have had this Rocket for almost 3 years,and very satisfied.The solenoid for the the water reservoir went bad,but was able to fix on my own.I purchased the solenoid from chris coffee. There are 3 solenoid,s in this machine which are all the same,so i used the one from the water supply so as i could still use the machine while waiting for the replacement.So far everything is working great.

  • 5
    No visible electronics looks great

    Posted by keith on 23rd Jun 2017

    The espresso shots are wonderful. I love my machine. Machine was shipped extremely fast and double boxed with added protection. The detachable pid remote is actually one of the features I liked as I prefer a traditional look with no visible electronic.

  • 5
    Couldn't be happier with my new R58

    Posted by Derek on 23rd Jun 2017

    I think Rocket did a great job. The R58 works exactly as described...actually better. Its quiet, and its PID interface is very easy to use. Not much to screw up here. The preinfusion works beautifully as well, despite what some say.