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Quick Mill

Quick Mill is an Italian espresso machine and grinder manufacturer that was established in 1945 after the end of WWII. Since the name of the company doesn’t sound like an Italian name, we get a lot of people asking about whether the products are made in Italy – they are. The company head quarters are in a city in Northern Italy called Senago. Senago is a commune in the Metropolitan City of Milan, in the Italian region Lombardy, which is located about 10 miles north of Milan.

Quick Mill products are one of the most reliable brands we sell. They are made entirely by the company and not outsourced to another country or mass produced in huge quantities. They are hand assembled and made with high quality materials including copper, brass and stainless steel. While many companies use painted, or coated steel frames to reduce production costs, Quick Mill uses high quality stainless steel for the frames. Coated steel or painted steel has the potential of getting rust damage over time, vs stainless steel which is a lot less prone to rust.

The company’s motto is “Made to Last for Years”, which is exactly how they produce their products.

The company offers a full array of espresso machines, including, traditional machines, semi-automatic, fully automatic and commercial machines. We don’t sell everything they have to offer, but we do sell a lot of the top models, including the traditional lever Quick Mill Achille, the semi-automatic Quick Mill Carola, Quick Mill Anita, Quick Mill Andreja Premium, Quick Mill QM67, and Quick Mill Vetrano Evo, and the super automatic Quick Mill Monza Evo. 

A Quick Comparison of the Quick Mill Home Espresso Machine Models

Silvano has a true boiler for brewing with a PID and a thermoblock for steaming. It does not have a thermosiphon heated grouphead so there is a lot more fluctuation in temperature when compared to something that does. The thermoblock for steam takes longer to steam and has less steam pressure than something that has a true boiler.

The Alexia Evo is the next machine in the line up in terms of price. It has better temperature stability at the grouphead due to the thermosiphon heated e61 grouphead. It also has a PID that keeps the temperature stable, but it is not ideal for steaming as it has a single boiler that is used for both brewing and steaming. In order to use for both brewing and steaming though, you have to wait between brewing and steaming for the boiler to increase or decrease in temp. That makes it take longer to make a drink and there is more temp fluctuation, which effect the flavor of the shots... too hot creates bitterness, too cold sourness. Steady temp is what is ideal.

The Anita is similar to the Alexia. It has a thermosiphon heated grouphead, but instead of being a single boiler it's a hybrid between a single boiler and a double boiler. The boiler type is called a heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is a good machine for someone that does primarily milk based drinks. You can brew and steam at the same time without waiting between brewing and steaming. The Quick Mill Rubino is very similar to the Anita. It looks a little different. Since it’s so similar we do not sell the Rubino.

The Andreja is similar to the Anita, but has a commercial pressurestat that keeps the boiler temp within a more confined range as it is maintaining the boiler temp. If you wanted it also has the option to direct connect, but requires an optional additional kit to do so.

The QM67 is a double boiler machine that has a dedicated boiler for both brewing and steaming. It also has a PID temperature adjuster for each boiler so you can raise and lower the temperature of each boiler independently of the other boiler. This allows you to adjust the brew temp to the temp that works best for espresso (some beans work best at higher temps, others work best at lower temps). It also allows you to adjust the steam temp to something that works best for your preferences... Higher temp means a hotter drier steam, lower temps mean a cooler wetter steam. That effects how the milk steams and how the microfoam turns out. The QM67 has stainless steel boilers, compared to the copper boilers on the preceding machines.

The Quick Mill Vetrano is a machine that is similar to the QM67 but has the ability to direct connect or use a water tank. The QM67 is a water tank only machine. Along with the ability to direct connect, the Vetrano has a Rotary pump compared to the vibratory pump on the QM67, which are higher quality more durable pumps that provide a more consistent brew pressure. It also has larger boilers, energy saving functionality, auto on and auto off, as well as a few other features that the QM67 doesn’t have. Like the QM67 the Vetrano has stainless steel boilers. The Vetrano is a top of the line machine designed for someone that wants to make both milk based drinks and espresso with the highest quality possible. Another machine that is very similar to the Vetrano is the Lucca M58. We don’t sell this machine, but they are very similar in terms of operation and features.

The Quick Mill Monza is a super automatic machine. The other machines to this point have been semi automatic machines. Super automatics like the Monza allows for drinks to be made with a lot more automation than with semi automatic machines. The machine automatically grinds, tamps and brews the espresso and can even automatically steam milk. The Monza has a water tank, but is also direct connect capable and can also be direct drained if you so desire.

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