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Quick Mill Achille - Lever Action Espresso Machine

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Key Features

  • Stainless steel shell
  • Stainless steel cup warmer
  • Articulating no burn steam and hot water wands
  • Manual lever action
  • Group pressure gauge
  • 3 liter water tank
  • Hinged cover to the water for easy access
  • Visible water tank indicator
  • Water tank or direct plumb option
  • 4.5 copper boiler
  • Rotary pump
  • Gicar control board
  • Sirai pressure stat

If you love traditional lever machines, you will love the Quick Mill Achille spring lever espresso machine. While the espresso machine has the class and charm of a traditional machine, it’s capabilities are certainly not old fashioned. The combination of the latest technology with a traditional look and feel, make this machine a very unique machine with few or no close competitors.

Machine Construction

The Quick Mill Achille’s body and components are constructed of some of the highest quality materials available. The entire exterior body is designed with high quality, acid stain resistant, 304 grade stainless steel. Stainless steel provides long lasting durability and beauty. Stainless steel is also used on other components, including the manual lever, two wands, cup warmer, and drip tray. As an added benefit, stainless steel is rust resistant – an important feature to have on a machine that is constantly in contact with water.

Manual Lever Design

The most distinguishing feature of the Achille is the manual lever design. It’s a feature that many espresso aficionados prefer over other machine designs due to the control is provides in producing the best espresso shots possible. It old provides an old world feel, both in operation and aesthetics. The lever is made of high quality stainless steel that has the durability needed to pull shot after shot for years to come. The handle is equipped with a grip for user comfort and ease of use.

Recommended Use

With an output capacity of about 20 espresso shots per hour, the Quick Mill Achille is an ideal machine for your home, office, or small restaurant/café.

Copper Boiler with Great Temperature Stability

A well-insulated copper boiler provides great temperature stability for the best espresso extraction. With 4.5 liter capacity, it has plenty of room for making quite a few drinks. Along with providing temperature stability, the insulation features provide overheating protection to the machines internal components. Boiler pressure can easily be monitored with a front mounted pressure gauge. Additional boiler features include an electronic fill probe and automatic recharge.

Quite, Commercial Style Rotary Pump

Rotary pumps are the frequent choice for commercial espresso machines – the main reason being that the noise level of a rotary pump is generally much less than the noise level of a vibratory pump. Most home or office machines use vibratory pumps, making the Achille rather unique in this market. If you plan on having an espresso machine in your office and if your office has an open environment, this may be the machine for you! If you are a home user with small children, or have different sleep schedules than other family members, you may want to consider a quiet machine like this one.

Pump with Thermal Overload Protection

Pump overheating can cause costly damage to various components that are susceptible to heat. In order to protect your pump from heat related damage it is equipped with a thermal overload protector. For additional protection it also has an automatic shut off feature.

Steam and Hot Water Wands with No Burn Protection

The Quick Mill Achille comes two stainless steel wands – one for steaming and one for hot water. Both wands are equipped with a special no burn technology that keeps the wand exterior cool to touch, providing enhanced safety to the user. This is accomplished through the use of a special insulation material inside of the wands. The steam wand is easy to use and makes milk frothing/steaming for drinks like cappuccinos and lattes a breeze. The hot water wand provides easy access to hot water for hot water based drinks, such as tea or hot chocolate.

Two Water Options – Water Tank or Direct Connection

To provide greater versatility for your specific situation or needs, the Quick Mill Achille has two water options – one is a 3 liter internal water reservoir and the other is a direct water line connection option. If you have a water line in your home or office, having a continual water supply is a nice feature to have, but if you don’t have that option, the water reservoir is large enough to supply quite a few drink preparations with a refill.

Cup Warmer

For superior flavor provided by temperature stability, using a warm cup for your drinks is important. That is why the Quick Mill Achille has a machine top cup warmer. Put your cups on top of the machine before use and they’ll be warmed to the right temperature for extraction. As with the rest of the machine, the cup warmer is made of high quality, durable stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

An oversized, stainless steel drip tray provides users with more extended usage between emptying and makes cleaning easy. The tray can be easily removed, but if so desired the machine also has a direct discharge feature.

Pressure Control System

A pressure control system in this espresso machine monitors changes in pressure – when the pressure drops, it turns the heating element back on to keep the pressure consistent, and vice versa. The stability in pressure provides consistent performance every time the machine is used. For easy monitoring of the pressure, baristas can use the easy-to-read, front mounted manometer gauge.

Machine Safety Features

The Achille comes with several safety features, including:

  • An exterior, certified safety valve
  • A safety recharge thermostat
  • Automatic pump/heater shut off in the event of overheating

Easy to Understand Indicator Lights

Indicator lights on the Achille make it easy to see when the machine is on, when the heater is on, and when the boiler is at the right level.

Included Accessories

  • Single shot portafilter
  • Double shot portafilter
  • Blank for backflushing


Extended two-year parts and labor warranty provided.

Instruction Manual

Does not include printed instruction manual. You can download it here.



Model Quick Mill Achille 1 Group Spring Lever
Manufacturer Quick Mill
Best Use Restaurant / Office / Home
Approvals CE
Automation Spring Lever
Boiler Single boiler (4.5 liter)
Cup Size Traditional Cup
Groups 1 Group
Output Capacity 20 Espressos Per Hour
PID Temperature Controller  
Plumbing Plumbed or Reservoir 
Pump Rotary pump to fill boiler only. The pump provides no pressure to the group.
Convenience / Functionality
Drain Tray Optional to be plumbed
Hot Water Spigot 1 No burn hot water spigot
Steam Arms 1 No burn steam arm
Height 31 inches with lever
Width 14 inches
Depth 20 inches
Weight 88 pounds
Amps / Volts 15 Amps \ 110 Volts
Colors / Options
Colors Stainless steel
Features Stainless steel shell. 3.5 inch clearance from the drip tray to the portafilter spout.
Includes Stainless steel cup warming tray. Two complete portafilters.
IZ-03 All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Restaurant / Office / Home
Spring Lever
Single copper boiler with T.E.A. coating (4.5 liter)
Traditional Cup
1 Group
20 Espressos Per Hour
Plumbed or Reservoir
Rotary pump to fill boiler only. The pump provides no pressure to the group.
No Display
Drain Tray - Optional to be plumbed
1 No burn hot water spigot
Controls: Spring lever controls. Knobs for hot water and steam.
1 No burn steam arm
15 Amps \ 115 Volts
1400 watts
Available in Stainless steel
Features/Notes: Stainless steel shell. 3.5 inch clearance from the drip tray to the portafilter spout.
Stainless steel cup warming tray. Two complete 58mm portafilters.
Height: 31 inches with lever
Width 14 inches
Depth 20 inches
Weight 88 pounds
Options: N/A