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Rocket Espresso Prosumer Espresso Machines and Grinder

Prosumer espresso machines, are by definition professional grade espresso machines that are designed for home espresso aficionados that are serious about getting the best flavored espresso possible. They are machines that are designed with features that are found on espresso machines used in coffee shops. Features found on coffee shop espresso machines allow for optimal extraction of espresso and top steam performance for superior microfoam creation. For espresso extraction temperature stability and control is the most critical aspect of a prosumer machine, and features like thermosiphon heated group heads (E61 and others), PID temperature controllers, insulated boilers, stainless steel and copper boilers, and quality metal construction all help with temperature stability. For milk steaming, features like double boiler, heat exchangers, PID temperature control, and no-burn steam wands ensure you will get the best milk based drinks possible - you may even become a latte artist! With brands like the Rocket Espresso machines featured above, it's hard to go wrong!