New Coffee Shop Business Marketing Package

We specialize in online marketing for new coffee shops. We specialize in geo-targeting customers so that your business can be found by customers in your area.

At this time, this is only available to customers that have purchased products through us. Get discounted pricing based on the amount of equipment/coffee you purchase from us. The larger the purchase, the greater the discount.

This package includes the following:

Setup of website, ecommerce integration extra.

  • Template based website, does not include custom template creation
  • Does not include creation of marketing copy
  • Includes one year of website hosting
  • Includes up to $200 worth of stock photography credits and 5 hours worth of photo retouching.

Setup of domain

  • Includes DNS mapping to website
  • Includes domain name research
  • Does not include domain purchase cost

SEO optimization for your business location

  • Localized coffee shop term research
  • On site optimization / recommendations for copy
  • Setup of blog. Does not include blog article creation.
  • Setup of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Submission of website to google

Setup of paid search marketing:

  • Including keyword research
  • Including geotargeting of ads
  • Includes monthly ad spend budget recommendations
  • Includes the creation of campaigns, ad groups, and ads for each ad group
  • Includes monthly management/adjustment of adwords for one year
  • Includes negative keywords
  • Includes call extension and sitelinks extension setup
  • Does not include cost per click of ads

Setup of display ad / remarketing

  • Creation of remarketing ads
  • Monthly spend budget research and recommendations
  • Installation / integration of remarketing with Google adwords/analytics tools
  • Management of display ad campaigns
  • Does not include cost per click of ads

Includes installation of Tag Manager application

Installation of analytics on website

  • Account setup/configuration
  • Installation of tracking code
  • Includes installation testing
  • Includes filter creation for up to 3 conditions
  • Setup of up to five dashboards / monthly email reports
  • Setup of up to five conversion goals

Set up of Facebook marketing

  • Setup of Facebook business page
  • Creation of audience tailored to your local community
  • Creation of sponsored ads (up to 5 variations)
  • Management of ads for one year
  • Installation of facebook pixel / remarketing
  • Assignment of user profiles
  • Does not include post authoring / submission

Additional details are available upon request.