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Mazzer Mini Electronic Doserless Espresso Grinder Type A

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Key Features

  • Flat 64 mm grinding burrs
  • Short Bean hopper: 0.9 lbs
  • Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment
  • Electronic device to select the dose
  • Dosing levels can be adjusted from 4 - 16 g
  • Low blade speed (1600 RPM)
  • Motor output: 250 watts
  • 110 Volt
  • Dimensions: 7" W x 10 1/2" D x 16 1/2" H
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • ETL certified both in USA and Canada
  • One year parts and labor warranty


The Type A Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder is a beautifully crafted, Italian grinder that will satisfy both the experienced and the novice home barista.

Mazzer Mini E Type A




Body Construction

Built rock solid with heavy die cast aluminum as well as featuring generously sized 64 mm grinding burrs made of the universally recognized top-quality Swedish stainless steel, this model is meant to last a lifetime. Even the Mazzer logo is made with etched aluminum.



Stepless, Collar Adjustment

Achieve precise grind size adjustment with an infinite range of settings between the smallest and largest setting on the grinder. To adjust the grind size, simply turn the collar. 



Turn collar counter clockwise to make the grind size finer. Turn the collar clockwise to make the grind size larger.



A movable adjustment handle makes turning the collar and making micro adjustments easier. The adjustment handle can be unscrewed and moved around the collar to give you the turning leverage that works best for you.




Grounds Catch Tray

The Mazzer Mini E Type A has an aesthetically pleasing grounds catch tray that helps keep stray coffee grinds off your counter top. 




Dosing Funnel

A beautifully sculpted dosing chute funnels the coffee from where they are ground in the burrs, directly into your portafilter.





Grinds guard: 



Power Switch

A two position power switch makes it easy to power on the grinder and provides visual feedback on whether it's on or off. When the grinder is on, the left side of the switch is pushed in and a green LED light illuminates. 



When the grinder is powered off, the green LED light goes dark and the right side of the switch is pushed in.



Anti-Vibration Feet

Anti-vibration feet keep the operation quieter and keep the grinder in place during operation. 



Removable Portafilter Rest

Rest your portafilter on the portafilter rest and grind directly into it. 



If you don't wish to have the portafilter in place and would like to grind into a container rather than a portafilter, simply remove the two screws that keep the portafilter rest in place.




The grinder comes standard with a short hopper that holds 0.9lbs. The hopper is made of high quality, clear food grade plastic. 



A screw keeps the hopper in place. Removing the hopper is as simple as loosening a single screw. 



The hopper has a lid with a matte black finish. Removing is made easy by an indented handle sculpted into the hopper lid. 





A stop gate feature on the hopper allows the user to remove the hopper without beans spilling all over the place if beans are still in it. It also reduces waste during grinder adjustment. When adjusting a grinder, it is important to do so while the burrs are moving if there are still beans in the burrs. With the stop gate, you can push it in to prevent additional beans from entering the burrs while you make your adjustments. 




Easy to Use Controls

Dosing and dosing adjustment controls on the Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A are intuitive and easy to use. The controls are all built into the cover of the dosing funnel. 



You can access menu options through the menu button at the top of the control board.



There are three dosing options available. A single dose button (timing can be adjusted), and double dose button (timing can be adjusted) and a manual dose button. With the manual dose button you have to manually start and stop the grinder based on how many grinds you want in your portafilter. 



A counter displays how many times you've ground.



To make adjustments to dosing times, you use a combination of the menu button and the plus or minus buttons depending on whether you are increasing or decreasing the grind time. 



Low Blade Speed

The low speed of the blades (1600 RPM) minimizes overheating, which can alter the taste of the beans, as well as provides for a quiet grinding experience. 


Its strong 250 watt motor can power small commercial applications and home uses.

Difference Between the Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A and Type B

The primary differentiation between the Type A and Type B model is the location of its control panel. The Type A model boasts an easy-to-use digital control panel that is located on the top of the portafilter dosing funnel. The Type B model has the stop/start switch by the portafilter as well as the adjustment mechanisms. 

Video: Removing the Adjustment Collar on the Mazzer Mini E Type A for Cleaning or Burr Replacement