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Mazzer Brand Overview


Mazzer grinders are legendary for their quality and performance over time. Due to the company’s diligent care in their quality control processes, Mazzer grinders are perhaps the most reliable grinder machine on the market. At Espresso Outlet we have sold numerous Mazzer grinders over the years and very rarely do we have a customer come back with a performance issue related to a manufacturer defect. These grinders run and run and run. Mazzer grinders are very popular in both the commercial espresso market and the prosumer home user market. They are sold in 90 countries around the world and are built in a Venice, Italy factory that is 13,000 square meters. The company was founded in 1948 and since its founding the company has been recognized internationally for their superior quality, reliable products. The company is so dedicated to product improvement that they have dedicated 12 percent of annual turnover for reinvestment in product innovation and improvement. Some of their products include the Robur S, Kony S, Major V, Super Jolly, and Mini. They come in electronic and doser configurations. 

Featured Product Video: Mazzer Major V

Mazzer Grinder Manuals

Mini Doser

Super Jolly Doser

Major Doser

  • Manual 

  • Parts Diagram

Mini Electronic Type A

Super Jolly Electronic

Major Electronic

Major V

Robur S