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Mahlkonig Brand Overview

Mahlkonig is one of the top grinders in the world and is frequently chosen by third wave coffee shops, barista champions, and prosumer home users as the grinder of choice. If you are looking for a grinder that delivers the best results possible over and over again, then you should give some serious consideration to the Mahlkonig grinders. They are precision engineered in Hamburg, Germany and are also built by hand at this location as well. The brand is owned by Hemro Manufacturing Germany GmbH, which also owns Ditting, Anfim, and HeyCafe. 

Along with the world renown, EK43 grinder Mahlkonig has many other great grinders for all types of coffees, including for espresso, drip, turkish, French Press, and pour over. They are used in catering businesses, coffee trailers, coffee carts, coffee shops, retail stores, micro roasters, large scale roasters, hotels and many other types of businesses.

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Mahlkonig Manuals, Exploded Views and Product Sheets

VTA 6 SW Single Phase Grinder

VTA6 S HMVC Grinder

VTA6 S 3 Phase

Tanzania Grinder

Peak Grinder

Kenia Grinder

K30 Vario Air Grinder

K30 Twin Grinder

K30 Grinder

GUA LAB Grinder

GUA F Grinder

GUA-710 Grinder

GH-2 Grinder

EKK43 Grinder

EK43S Grinder

EK43 Grinder


DK15 Grinder