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Lelit PL53 Espresso Grinder - Doserless, Stepless

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*For Home Use Only

The Lelit PL53 Espresso Grinder is a fabulous choice for the home user looking for an affordable unit that offers many features usually only found in higher-end espresso grinders such as stepless grinding adjustment, steel conical grinding burrs, doserless operation and polished stainless steel body. Priced under $300, you are guaranteed not to find such a high-performing grinder for the price tag. This model is recognized for its reliability and its production of a consistent, fluffy grind.

The stepless grinding adjustment feature allows the user to twist a knob to make custom modifications to the grind consistency. Keep in mind, this grinder is built for espresso grind. While it is technically possible for this unit to produce other brew grinds, the process is very tedious as this is not Lelit’s original purpose, so it is recommended for the home user that is looking specifically to grind the perfect espresso.

This grinder is equipped with 38 mm hardened steel conical grinding burrs. Conical burrs are known to create a high-quality, consistent grind while minimizing heat production so as not to affect the final aroma of the roast.

The PL53 has a removable 10 ounce bean hopper that is constructed of tinted plastic so as to preserve the integrity of the beans by decreasing light exposure.


This model is doserless, meaning the user has only to push the portafilter against the microswitch to activate the grinding mechanism. As long as the microswitch is depressed by the portafilter, grounds will be dispensed neatly into the basket. If there are any stray grinds, the stainless steel catch tray can be conveniently removed for cleaning. The dispensing chute can also be removed for easy cleaning.


  • The powerful 150-watt motor is engaged through the use of a microswitch that you can press your portafilter right up against and get freshly ground coffee directly into your portafilter.
  • The stepless adjustment allow you to fine tune your grind for the perfect espresso grind - this is different than stepped adjustment where one can use only setting #8 or #9, but no in-between as can be achieved by our PL53 grinder!
  • Conical burrs with the larger burr outside diameter size measured at 38mm.
  • Burrs made of hardened steel.
  • Approximate tinted plastic bean hopper capacity: 150 grams (5.29 ounces).
  • Bean hopper can easily be removed for hand cleaning (not dishwasher safe).
  • Standard 110 volt outlet comes out from back of unit.
  • Compact size makes it even a great grinder for traveling!
  • Doserless chute on front is removable for cleaning.
  • Removable stainless steel catch tray allows easier cleaning versus a fixed tray.
  • Accessories included: removable stainless steel catch tray and instructional sheet.


  • Approximate measurements:: 12 1/8" H x ~5" W (including knob) x 8.325" D (including lower catch tray).
    Depth without tray: 6 3/4 plus an extra inch is needed for cord coming out of back".
  • Approximate Tray Size: 4 1/8" square gets inserted approximately 2 3/8" into grinder.
  • Approximate Weight: 5.8 pounds.
  • Power: 150 watts, 110-120 volts only, 60 hertz.
  • Bean hopper capacity: 5.29 ounces (150 grams).
  • Made in Italy.