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La Spaziale Preinfusion Chamber

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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

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NOTE: At this time this product can only be purchased in combination with a purchase of a La Spaziale espresso machine. 

La Spaziale presents their pre-infusion chamber for the Mini Vivaldi II or S1 Dream T (please note you MUST indicate if you are purchasing for use with S1 Dream T). This pre-infusion provides a pre-infusion mimicking the operation of the admired E61 grouphead. This pre-infusion chamber attaches to the pre-drilled hole in the side of the brew group.

What is pre-infusion?
Pre-infusion can be complicated to understand, but it is basically “infusing” or pre-saturating the grinds with hot water BEFORE the actual extraction occurs to create a consistent, even brew, and improved flavor.

What is progressive pre-infusion?
The mechanics behind progressive pre-infusion begins when water is pumped into the coffee puck, when there is no more space, the pressure increases and the piston compresses the spring. The time it takes to fill the cylinder above the water can keep the pressure low for about 6 seconds while the spring is being compressed. When full compression happens there is a sudden increase in pressure to the maximum setting.

Installation instructions

(If purchased with a machine, the preinfusion chamber will be installed before the machine is shipped)