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La Spaziale Pod Kit

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NOTE: At this time, this product is only available for purchase when purchased with a La Spaziale espresso machine.

La Spaziale has specially designed their machines to be fully capable of using pods if the La Spaziale machine owner so desires to use them. This handy Pod Kit has all the necessary parts to prepare the machine for utilizing pods. Included in this kit is a single pod insert basket, a brass defuser, a shower screen and a center screw. This pod kit is compatible with all La Spaziale machines.

What is a pod?
A pod, also known as an E.S.E. (easy serving espresso) pod, is a package of pre-roasted, ground, tamped and measured coffee that has been compressed into a filter material that can be directly placed into the portafilter basket. 

What are the advantages of using pods on my machine?
Convenience. Pods eliminate the need for a practiced user to grind, tamp and measure the roast. The resulting espresso is standardized and can deliver reliable, repeatable results. A pod system can reduce the amount of user training needed to operate the espresso machine.