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La Spaziale

La Spaziale USA Retailers

We are retailers of La Spaziale espresso or coffee machines in the USA. Due to complications with potential shipping issues and export documents and difficulties if there are any warranty issues, we prefer not to sell products internationally.

About La Spaziale

With over 50 years of experience in the espresso coffee machine business, La Spaziale is a company that knows the coffee business and knows it well. They opened their first factory back in 1969 and have expanded to their current building in Reno, Italy that is over 64,000 square feet.

Corporate Video About the Company

This video shows a brief history of the company, as well as views of the head quarters and production facility, and scenes showing the espresso machines being made.


Featured New Product: La Spaziale S50

The gorgeous new La Spaziale S50 was introduced at Host Milan 2019. It is a very robust machine with volumetric dosing and digital display that allows you to control a wide range of aspects of the machine to fine tune the brewing and steaming experience.

La Spaziale Home Espresso Machine Line Up & Comparison

Mini Vivaldi II (Tank Only)

If you want an espresso machine that is very dependable and produces great espresso and milk-based drinks, the Mini Vivaldi by La Spaziale may be the machine for you – it’s one of our top five selling prosumer home espresso machines. It’s a double boiler machine that has volumetric dosing, but can also be used as a semi-automatic if you prefer to do so. It has a quiet vibratory pump and is a water tank only machine. Since there is a water tank built into the machine, compared to the La Spaziale Vivaldi II (direct connect only) the steam boiler is 1.2 liters vs 2.5 liters. The Mini Vivaldi has a lever control for steam. There is an optional upgrade available for a preinfusion chamber. 

Mini Vivaldi II


Vivaldi II (Direct Connect Only)

The Vivaldi is the direct water line connected version of the Mini Vivaldi with some differences.

  • Vivaldi’s have rotary pumps vs vibratory pumps on Mini Vivaldi’s
  • Vivaldi’s have 2.5 liter steam boilers vs 1.2 liters on the Mini Vivaldi.
  • Vivaldi’s have a steam knob, not a steam lever

Vivaldi II


Dream T (Tank Only)

Dream Ts are similar to Mini Vivaldi’s, with similar features including: dual boilers, hot water tap, steam wand, front loading water tank, water tank only, and volumetric dosing (can still do semi auto if you prefer). Compared to the Mini Vivaldi’s they have a different look and feel, have a steam knob instead of a steam lever, more accurate temperature sensors, a redesigned brew boiler in which water enters differently and doesn’t effect the brew temperature consistency as much, built in shot timer, built in shot counter, built in auto off/auto on timers, full digital read out and temperature accuracy of 1 degree Fehrenheit vs 1 degree Celsius.

Dream T


Dream (Direct Connect Only)

The Dream is the direct connect version of the Dream T with some differences, including:

  • Dream’s have rotary pumps vs vibratory on the Dream Ts
  • Dreams have 2.5 liter boilers vs 1.2 liters boilers on the Dream Ts
  • Dreams have adjustable preinfusion time.



Lucca A53 Mini (Tank Only) and Lucca A53 (Direct Connect Only)

The Lucca A53 Mini and Lucca A53 are machines we get asked about quite frequently. It is essentially a Mini Vivaldi that has been customized on the exterior to have a different look and feel. We are not aware of any internal features that have been updated. It is sold exclusively by Clive Coffee, which is a good company and if you like the look, we suggest contacting them.

Commercial Espresso / Coffee Machine Line Up & Comparison

S2 1 Group Volumetric

If you are looking for an entry level commercial machine for smaller volume applications, the S2 1 group Volumetric may be a good option for you. It’s a volumetric machine with a 3 liter heat exchanger boiler and a 20 amp / 110 volt connection. It’s a good machine for a catering business, coffee cart or similar business. There are also quite a few home users that get these machines.

1 Group S2 La Spaziale

S2 Spazio 2 Group Volumetric

If you are looking for a compact 2 group machine that has a lot of value for the price, this may be the machine for you. Compact machines aren’t as wide as full size machines, so for limited space they work well. These are popular machines for coffee carts, coffee trailers and coffee trucks due to the compact size and the fact that the machine can be purchased with 110v 20 amp connection. They are also available in 220 volt 20 amp connection if you prefer to have faster warm up and recovery time that the additional power offers. The machines have a 5 liter heat exchanger boiler, two steam wands, 3000 watt heating elements (on 220 volt) and are direct connect only with a rotary pump.



S2 2 Group Volumetric (Regular Height)

S2 2 Group machines are the full-size version of the Spazio. Compared to the Spazio, the S2 2 Group has a larger, 10 liter boiler, are 220 volt only, and have 30 amp connections with 4800 watt heating elements. These features mean that the S2 2 Group can handle a lot more drinks per hour and can keep the operating temperature more stable.

S2 2 Group Volumetric


S2 2 Group Volumetric (Tall Cup)

This is a variation of the S2 2 Group that allows shots to be brewed directly into taller cups, eliminating the need to first pull the shots into a shot glass, then pour into the drink cup. Works great if you have a coffee shop where you do a lot of carry out drinks in paper cups.

S2 2 Group Volumetric Tall Cup


S9 Compact 2 Group Volumetric

S9 Compact 2 Group machines are very similar to the Spazio 2 Group, but have better temperature stability, improved look and feel, and better ergonomic design for easier use.

S9 Compact 2 Group


S9 2 Group Volumetric (Regular Height)

S9 2 Group machines are very similar to the S2 2 Group (regular height), but have better temperature stability, improved look and feel, and better ergonomic design for easier use.



S9 2 Group Volumetric (Tall Cup)

S9 2 Group (Tall Cup) machines are very similar to the S2 2 Group (tall cup), but have better temperature stability, improved look and feel, and better ergonomic design for easier use.

S9 2 Group Volumetric Tall Cup


S40 2 Group Volumetric (Suprema TA)

The S40 is a top of the line commercial espresso machine that is ideal for busy or specialty coffee shops where controlling the brewing parameters is critical to producing the best drink quality possible. S40 machines have the following great features: individual temperature control for each group head, shot timers, boiler temperature visualization and adjustment via digital display, volumetric dosing, boiler pressure and brew pressure gauges, boiler water level control and visualization, and 4.3 inches of space between the portafilter delivery spouts and the drip tray, making it ideal for take out cups.



Cleaning Your Espresso Machine

This La Spaziale video talks about the correct cleaning procedures to follow to ensure your drink quality remains as high as possible and to ensure that your machine remains in great working condition.


La Spaziale Videos On Errors In Espresso Extraction

Error: Over Extracted Coffee


Error: Under Extracted Coffee


Error: Dosing and Tamping


FAQs About La Spaziale Espresso Machines

What Size Is the Portafilter?

Portafilters on all La Spaziale espresso machines is 53mm.

Does The Smaller Portafilter Size Effect Extraction & Flavor?

A common concern customers bring up is relating to the basket size on La Spaziale espresso machines. The basket size is 53mm, which is less than the much more common 58mm. The hypothesis that is presented in some discussions is that the narrower basket size has an adverse effect on extraction due to the more limited surface area. We have use both sizes very extensively and do not notice any difference in flavor that could be attributed to basket diameter. We also have not seen any conclusive blind taste tests that would indicate a difference. Keep in mind, many commenters that say this is a drawback may never have tried to use a La Spaziale or may never have compared it to a 58mm basket.

How Many Drinks an Hour Can the Mini Vivaldi, Vivaldi, Dream T or Dream Make?

You can probably make about 20, or maybe 30, drinks in an hour with a machine like one of these. With an increase in drinks per hour, there is an increase in temperature instability, which will have an adverse effect on flavor. The Vivaldi machines have NSF ratings so can be used in light commercial applications such as a catering business, a coffee cart or a small restaurant, but we do not ever recommend one of these machines for higher volume business applications such as a coffee shop.

Are Mini Vivaldis, Vivaldis, Dreams, and Dream Ts 15 or 20 amp?

Mini Vivaldi’s and Vivaldi’s are 15 amp machines, but have 20 amp plugs. We include a one foot converter cord that you can plug into the end of the cord so you can plug it in to a 15 amp outlet. The Dream T and Dream machines are switchable between 15 amp and 20 amp. If you have a 20 amp outlet, it’s nice to be able to run the machines in 20 amp mode as you get better warm up time and better recovery time and temperature stability.

How Long Do These Machines Take to Warm Up?

The one group home machines can be used after about 25 minutes, but for best temperature stability, it would be ideal to wait about 35 minutes. Many people will leave the machines on 24/7 so they don’t have to wait for warm up time. The Dream T and the Dream have built in timers that you can set to turn the machine on at a given time of day and turn it off at another preset time. The Mini Vivaldi and The Vivaldi can do the same thing, but they require a separate timer that La Spaziale makes for this purpose. Commercial two group machines should be turned on about 45 minutes prior to use. Most coffee shops leave their machines on 24/7 so they don’t have to worry about start up times.

Can Your Brew and Steam At the Same Time?

Yes, you can brew and steam at the same time with all the La Spaziale home and commercial espresso machines that we sell, including in 15 amp mode on the Dream and Dream T.

Do You Sell Any One Group La Spaziale Machines That Are 220 Volt?

No, all the one group machines we sell are 110 volt, 15 amp or 20 amp depending on the model.

Do These Machines Come With A Bottomless Portafilter?

No they do not come standard with a bottomless portafilter. La Spaziale does make a bottomless portafilter that can be purchased separately and it will work with all La Spaziale models. Each machine comes standard with a single and double traditional spouted portafilter.

Can You Ship La Spaziale Products Internationally?

We prefer not to ship them internationally. We will sometimes ship to a freight forwarder, but prefer not to.

Do The Home Machine Models Have Preinfusion?

The Dream has programmable preinfusion that uses water line pressure to preinfuse the shot prior to pump pressure being applied. The Mini Vivaldi and Dream T can have preinfusion chambers installed for an additional cost.


Buyers Guide to the La Spaziale Vivaldi II

Prosumer Reviews of the Mini Vivaldi

Coffee Geek has several prosumer reviews on the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi (water tank only version). At the time of this writing in early 2020, there were 17 reviews with an average rating of 9.3 out of 10. You can view the reviews by name in their entirety here: Robert Cellucci, LDT, John Howard, Michael Moran, Darren Rosenberg, James Bowen, Jeffrey Doolittle, Jeff Rothstein, Barry Stolzman, Gareth Knight, Brandon Bryant, Jack Ivers, D Glenn, Keith B, Michael Jacque, Garry Garrison, and Denis Doiron. Here are some highlights from these reviews.

Highlights of Positive Comments:

  • Wow!! I am so impressed with this machine.  It is hard for me to imagine anything much better.
  • I am blown away by the excellent engineering, and performance of the mini-Vivaldi II
  • The machine has been completely reliable.  Have had to fix or replace nothing.  Very low maintenance and no repairs.  I pull about 2-3 shots per day every day.  Never runs out of steam.  Very pleased with this.
  • I have owned a Mini Vivaldi about a year now.  I am totally pleased with the unit
  • 15 months with no problems or issues.  Easy to clean.  Keep it clean and the espresso is great with good beans
  • I have now owned the Mini Vivaldi II for nearly six months. It is capable of making espresso as good or better than what I can buy in local café’s.
  • Having now lived with the Spaz for 6 months (4-10 shots/day), I am delighted and there will be no hesitation with my next purchase - another Spaz.
  • We chose the Mini Vivaldi because of its dual boilers and its temperature stability.   Given the same level of barista quality in our house, our shots became far more consistently good to great.  Even a mediocre pour is drinkable from the Mini Vivaldi.
  • Read the complete reviews above for many more positive comments!

Highlights of Negative Product Points

  • Milk bakes onto the steaming wand and I need to work a bit to clean it.
  • Cost, however the old saying is true - ya gets whats ya pays for!
  • Could use slightly taller legs
  • Not as stylish as E61 group machines (personal opinion).
  • Could use a flush-mount plug. 
  • Aesthetically, it would look a little more attractive with stainless side panels and drip tray, rather than black plastic, but in fairness, the fit/finish is so good that it looks very nice.

Prosumer Reviews of the La Spaziale S1 Dream

There are only two reviews of the Dream on Coffee Geek, but both rate the machine very well with an average rating of 9.8 out of 10. The reviews are by the following people: Ali S and Sj Brown. Here are some review highlights.

Highlights of Positive Product Comments

  • Best Bang for the Buck
  • Very powerful digital controller, powerful steam boiler, volumetric dosing is very convenient
  • Programming my shot is was easy and precise.
  • I have had this machine for 6 mo. already and I really really love it

Highlights of Negative Product Points

  • I wish I could have the automated timer turn on/off steam boiler only since I leave the coffee boiler on all the time.
  • Steam Arm is just too short