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La Pavoni PUB 1V / 2V Commercial Espresso Machine - Volumetric, Red or Black

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$300.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

NOTE: Poor water quality will destroy your espresso machine. Learn More

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The La Pavoni PUB espresso machines are commercial grade machines with the latest in commercial espresso machine technology. This technology ensures excellent temperature stability, and ofcourse, the ability to produce great shots of espresso, time after time. With a tradition of making amazing espresso machines for the last hundred years, the world’s first espresso manufacturer, La Pavoni didn’t go wrong with this masterpiece!

Programmable Dosing

Along with having a continuous brewing feature that is stoppable at any time with a button, the PUB machines come with 4 programmable cup sizes to provide consistent doses without the need to monitor. The programming and brew does are controlled by a digital control pad and a microprocessor.

Groups and Pre-Infusion Chamber

To provide heat consistency, the groups are made of high quality, chrome plated brass. A hydraulic radiator system in each group circulates water to provide great thermal stability, making it one of the best features of this machine. The vertical pre-infusion chamber pre-wets the coffee just prior to extraction to provide enhanced flavor and aroma of the final product. A pressurization system is designed to prevent dripping for cleaner operation and enhanced performance.

Copper Boiler

The commercial grade, high quality copper boiler provides great temperature consistency and each group has injectors and transversal heat exchangers. Boiler pressure can be easily monitored through a pressure gauge that is mounted on the front of the machine. 6.5 liter boiler capacity.

Steam / Hot Water Wands

PUB units come with knob controlled steam and hot water wands. An anti-vacuum valve on the steam wand prevents contamination of the boiler by preventing milk from being sucked up the steam wand during pressure changes.


12 months manufacturer’s warranty limited to parts for manufacturers defects. Water softener installation is required to maintain warranty. Commercial machines are non-returnable.

Additional Features

  • Parker solenoids
  • Sirai pressurstats
  • Procon motors with NSF marking.
  • Internal electric pump.*
  • Installation kit (fittings and hoses)*
  • Water softener (12 liters)
  • Voltage 120V / 60Hz/13Amp
  • Weight (1 Group) : Net 88lb-Gross 110lb
  • Dimensions (1 Group) Depth 21" Width 20" Height 21"
  • Heating element: 1-group 1500W
  • Low Profile Portafilter: Allows for direct brewing into a 16 oz.cup
  • Water Softener: Free!
  • Installation, if required, extra 

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