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La Pavoni Bar-star Commercial Espresso Machine - 2 or 3 Group, Volumetric, Black or Red

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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

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Established in 1905, La Pavoni is a world renown manufacturer of some of the highest quality espresso machines in the world. The BAR-STAR series is the latest commercial espresso machine in their product offering. The machines have many features using the latest technology advancements in the business, and are certified by both NSF/CSA, making them the only models in the United States that have both certifications.

Programmable Dosing

The La Pavoni Bar Stars feature volumetric electronic dosing with four cup size options. The dosing is programmed through a digital control pad with an advanced microprocessor. For additional flexibility, there is also a continuous brewing option and a stop button.


The series has NSF and CSA certifications.

Energy Saving Technology

Save up to 33% on energy costs through the BAR-STAR’s advanced energy saving options. Energy reduction is achieved through a four position power switch that can be used to change the amount of energy used based on the number of orders during a given time period.

Forged Brass Groups

For outstanding temperature stability, the groups are made with press forged brass, then chrome plated. Group dripping is eliminated through an advanced infusion chamber and pressurization system.

Available Groups

The BAR-STAR series comes in 2, 3 or 4 group options and is available in Shiny Black or Candy Apple Red. Default pricing is for the 2 group model. Choose the combinations above for additional group pricing.

Heat Stability

An advanced radiator hydraulic system on each group of the machine allows for continual water circulation in the boiler. The thermal stability of the groups allow you to provide your customers with a consistent experience and flavor each time they frequent your establishment.

Transversal Heat Exchangers

Each group on a BAR-STAR machine has a transversal heat exchangers with injectors mounted on the front of the machine.


With the BAR-STAR’s pre-infusion functionality, produce flavorful shots of espresso with great aroma. The difference it makes depends on who you ask – some people say it makes a huge difference, some people say it only makes a little difference. Either way, you can’t go wrong by having a machine with this functionality.

Steam Wands

Each machine is equipped with two steam wands. To reduce milk/liquid from backflushing into the steam wand, it is equipped with an anti-vacuum valve.

Overheating Protection

The heating element on your valuable investment will be protected by a 3-pole manual thermostat, providing automatic shut off in the event of overheating. Once you’ve identified the issue, it can be reset manually.

Country of Origin

Like all other La Pavoni espresso machines, the BAR-STAR is manufactured and imported directly from Italy, the home of the world’s finest espresso machines. Don’t settle for a cheap knock off when you can have a genuine La Pavoni from Italy.

Side Handles for Easy Transportation

A commercial espresso machine is heavy and can be difficult to move. To make transportation a little easier, the BAR-STAR series machines have telescopic side handles.

Hot Water Jet

Hot water for hot beverages is easily accessible through a push-button controlled hot water jet with automatic release.

Water Level Control

Water level is automatically controlled through an electronic controller and also has a sight glass for visually monitoring.

Oversized Filter Holder

Make six shots of espresso at once with an extra-large filter holder.

Boiler Water Charge Button

Keep your water fresh and your drinks tasting great with a manual water charge button. Use the button to replace the water in the boiler with fresh water.


The BAR-STAR has double scale gauges that provide users with pump and boiler monitoring/control.

Installation Kit

When you purchase a BAR-STAR it comes with an installation kit that includes fittings and hoses for a more streamlined installation process.

Water Softener

The machine is equipped with a 12 liter water softener to help prevent lime scale buildup. Installation is required to maintain warranty.

Front Access

With the ability to access components from the front of the machine for possible repairs, you will be less inconvenienced than if you had to rearrange your work space to accommodate for repairs that typically must take place from the rear of most espresso machine.

Brand Name Components

Many of the machine components are high quality, well known brand name components, including Procon motors with NSF rating, Parker solenoids, and Sirai pressure stats.

Low Profile Portafilter

The low profile portafilter allows you to brew directly into a 16 oz cup.

Boiler Capacity

2 Group: 14.0 liters

3 Group: 21.5 liters

Net/Gross weight

2 Group: 139/176lbs.

Additional groups add about 40 lbs.


2 Group – W: 31” D: 22” H: 21”

3 Group – W: 40” D: 21” H: 21”


Watts: 4370 Volts: 230 Volts/60Hz/19Amp/29Amp


12 month on parts. Installation, if required, is extra. Water Softener installation is required to maintain warranty.

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    LaPavoni Bar-Star 2 Group

    Posted by Kasey S on 14th Jan 2020

    Approximate Time Owned 3 months Rating Overall 5 Reliability Rating 5 Value for the Price 5 Usability Rating 5 Aesthetics Rating 5 Detailed Review. Top three most detailed reviews will get 50 bonus entries Purchased our Bar-Star for the aesthetics after having a Bar-T 2 group for several years in another location. Love how easy it was to customize your shot sizes on the panel. The machine has an energy saving option that seems to allow enough power to do everything we need. Haven't used it in full power mode yet! Only negative seems to be the way the drip pan sits in the machine with the grates. Snug in some spots and a gap that could allow liquid below the pan in another. We have assured the machine is leveled correctly, it appears to be an exterior cover issue. Other than that, it's a great machine that pull a consistently beautiful shot!