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La Pavoni BAR L Espresso Machine - 2 or 3 Group, Lever, Black or Red

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$300.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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The La Pavoni Bar L series espresso machine is a great option for those who like traditional aesthetics and who want to make perfectly balanced espresso. The Bar L series is a fully manual three level espresso machine.

Manual Lever Operation

With manual operation, the operator is in complete control of the extraction process, making it an ideal machine for the coffee enthusiast who wants to provide the best drinks possible for customers. The lever used to operate the machine has a spring loaded piston on the group head that assists in applying pressure during coffee extraction. When the spring is pulled, it retracts to apply a consistent amount of pressure to the coffee for optimal extraction. Once the extraction has completed, the lever automatically returns to pre-extraction position after about 30 seconds.

Traditional Design

With over 100 years of experience in making some of the highest quality, most aesthetically pleasing espresso machine in the world, La Pavoni didn’t go wrong with the Bar L series. Take a look at the product photos – they speak for themselves! Each group configuration is available in either Black or Red.

Chromed Brass Groups

The La Pavoni Bar L’s have superior quality groups that are made with press-forged brass, providing strength, durability, and superb temperature stability. To top it off, the groups are chrome plated providing a gorgeous shine.

Hot Water Control Device

Brewing pressure in the groups is kept at the same level through a device that only allows hot water into the group. This provides temperature stability and ensures proper extraction of the coffee.

Boiler Pressure Gauge

Easily monitor the machines boiler pressure through an easy to ready pressure gauge.

Anti-Vacuum Valve

An anti-vacuum valve prevents milk from being sucked back into the steam wands during steaming.

Hot Water Tap

The La Pavoni Bar L’s come with a hot water tap for making hot drinks like Americanos or hot tea. For enhanced usability, the spout has a flexible design that allows for greater movement.

Energy Saving Power Settings

The machine is equipped with a four-position switch that enables the machine to be placed in a variety of power settings to provide energy savings based on the number of customers coming through at a given time. Allows the machine to operate at ¾ power during off peak hours.

Delivery Time

The La Pavoni Bar L is a special order item and can take around 6 weeks to deliver after order has been processed.

Telescopic Handles

Telescopic handles make machine transportation and movement an easier task.

Reset Safety Thermostat

To protect your valuable investment from damage relating to overheating, the machine is equipped with a reset safety thermostat.


  • 2 group – W: 31” H: 22” D: 22”
  • 3 group – W: 40” H: 22” D: 22”


  • 2 group – Volt: 230 - Watts:4370
  • 3 group – Volt: 230 – Watts: 5465

Boiler Size

  • 2 group – 14 liter boiler
  • 3 group – 23 liter boiler

Water Level Control

The machine is equipped with an automatic water level control and has a visible sight glass for easy monitoring.


Installation is an additional charge. We can help arrange if needed, but the charge is set by the independent installer. Generally the cost is around $300 to $500. This does not include any building modifications that may be required.