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Kaleido M1 Pro Coffee Roaster (Artisan Software) - 50g to 200g

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Now: $1,297.00
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The Kaleido M1 Sniper Pro Coffee Roaster is the perfect machine for those who want to roast professional-quality coffee at home. With a capacity of 50g to 200g and full control over every aspect of the roast, you can create the perfect cup every time.

The pro model is compatible with the Artisan platform, which allows you to log and control your roast in real-time using an open-sourced, free platform. Please note that the pro model does not include a tablet, so you will need to provide your own device to run Artisan.

In addition to the Artisan platform, the M1 Sniper Pro features a Carbon Fiber Infrared Direct-Fire Heating System, a USB/Bluetooth connection, temperature probes to monitor bean and environmental temperatures, an automatic Chaff Collection system, and an industrial-grade automatic cooling fan. You can also record, save, and share roasting curves, and choose between automatic or manual roasting options.

With the Kaleido M1 Sniper Pro Coffee Roaster, you can have complete control over your coffee roasting process and create delicious, professional-quality coffee at home.


  • Brand: Kaleido
  • Type: M1 Pro
  • Operation System: Artisan System (Manual & automatic roasting modes) on Computer or Win Tablet PC(No free tablet)
  • Connection: By USB/Bluetooth
  • Intelligent function: Copy, modify and share roasting curves & ROR
  • Heating capacity: 500W(Universalvoltage 100V~240V)
  • Roasting time: Instantly rise temperature without delay
  • Drum: 8-15mins
  • Chaff collection: Patent,Stainless steel 304 boiler
  • Cooling: Patient.Automatic chaff collection system
  • Material content: Stainless steel 60%, aluminum 38%, others 2%
  • Product size: L300*W180*H250mm
  • Net weight: 9KG
  • Heat/Damper/Drum are all adjustable


Roasters do not come with a printed manual. Please use this download and support page to get started.