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Izzo Brand Overview

At Espresso Outlet we offer three of the Izzo espresso machines - the Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus, the Izzo Vivi PID and the Izzo Alex Leva. The Duetto IV Plus is a high caliber prosumer grade dual boiler espresso machine that is perfect for a home user that wants to have the best temperature control possible for both brewing and steaming. The Vivi PID is a heat exchanger espresso machine with a vibratory pump. It’s a great machine for someone that wants the ability to adjust temperature, but doesn’t need the precision of having a double boiler to do so. The Alex Leva is a great machine for someone that wants to make an art out of making espresso. It’s a high end lever machine that provides the user with a traditional spring lever to control the brew pressure during extraction. Izzo branded espresso machines are made in Italy and is a brand that is owned by Gruppo Izzo Srl.

Gruppo Izzo Company Overview