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In Tank Softening Pouch

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Simply remove the "Oscar" (short for Osmotic Scale Reduction) from the protective packaging, rinse it under some cold water, and place the softener on the bottom of the water reservoir and fill it with water. It is that easy to install.

By means of ionic exchange, the "Oscar" replaces the calcium and magnesium ions present in your drinking water, both in their soluble and insoluble forms, with sodium ions.

Dimensions: 6 inches x 4 inches
Material: Polyester Texture
Functioning: Passive, inside tank

# of Grains of hardness in your water vs # of gallons of water that can be softened

5 grains of hardness 23 gallons can be softened
7 grains of hardness 16 1/2 gallons can be softened
10 grains of hardness 11 1/2 gallons can be softened
13 grains of hardness 9 gallons can be softened

NOTE: Must be changed at least every 18 months from the date of installation or which ever comes first in usage.