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Home Espresso Machines

Brewing espresso at home can be a very rewarding experience that can deliver higher quality drinks than most coffee shops when the right coffee beans, equipment and techniques are applied correctly. There are four important factors that go into producing the best flavored espresso possible. The first and most important is of course the selection of the coffee beans - they need to be grown correctly, harvested correctly, processed correctly and roasted correctly. Once you have a perfect bean, that is where the brewing techniques come into play and, for espresso, the equipment being used to prepare and brew the shots of espresso. To get the highest quality shots you will need the highest quality espresso machines and grinders. And that is where Espresso Outlet comes into play. Our machines are some of the best in the world. Most of them are made by hand in Italy, the espresso capitol of the world. We offer a full range of premium quality grinders - with brands like Mahlkonig, Mazzer, and Compak, just to name a few it's hard to go wrong. Along with grinders, we, of course, also offer a complete range of espresso machines, with brands including Rocket Espresso, La Spaziale, Slayer, Quick Mill and many more.