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Gruppo Izzo My Way Pompei Spring Lever Espresso Machine - 1 or 2 Group

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If you want a truly majestic machine that will impress anyone who sees it, the Pompei by Izzo may be the machine for you.

This large machine has a spring assisted lever that lets you pull a shot the traditional way. With this machine, you’ll make Neapolitan espressos that are unmatched by other machines on the market today.

Some of the machines best features include – silent operation, commercial pressurestat controlled boiler providing exceptional temperature, rotary pump for tank operation, and outstanding steaming capabilities that allow for great microfoam production.

Limited Availability

The Izzo Pompei is a hard to find machine that is only available for limited time periods when machines are available. Machines go very quickly when they are available. Please check with us for availability. We recommend preordering even if machines aren’t available right away to ensure you get one.

Large Machine Design

One of the reasons this machine is so impressive is its large size. Weighing in at over 135lbs and having dimensions of 19” wide, 22 inches deep, and 24” high (32” with lever up), the Izzo Pompei spring lever  1 group is a one of a kind machine with few rivals in it’s class.

Differences Between Izzo Pompei & Nuova Pompei

There two Pompei models – the original Pompei and the Nuova Pompei. The original Pompei is what this product listing is for and features a stainless steel case, with curved back and side panels. It doesn’t have a PID. The Nuova Pompei is a very similar machine in terms of components, but looks a little different on the outside. The panel shapes are a little different and rather than having a stainless steel finish, it’s available in several colors. It also has a PID. Other than a few other small things, it’s really a pretty similar machine.

Included Accessories

The machine comes with a full accessories kit, which includes, a single and double filter basket, a single and double spout portafilter, a 53 mm tamper, instruction manual, a 1” drain tube, and a water supply line with a 3/8” BSPP female fitting.

Plumbed Water Connection

It is important to note that the Pompei doesn’t come with an internal water tank. It is only available with a direct water line connection. While this is a very nice feature as it provide a continuous water supply, please ensure you have the right setup for this type of connection. The water supply line has a 3/8” BSPP female fitting. Make sure you have a water connection that works with such a fitting. If not, you’ll have to purchase separate adapters at a local hardware store to make the connection possible.

Another option would be to use a tanked, external water supply.

About the Manufacturer, Gruppo Izzo

Gruppo Izzo is a company located near Mt. Vesuvius in beautiful Naples, Italy. Espresso machine manufacturing is just one of the things the company does. The espresso machine manufacturing division is called My Way. Along with making the Pompei line of lever machines, it also manufacturers other types of machines, but the lever line up provides most of espresso machine division’s revenue. One of their more popular, non-lever machines is the Alex Duetto – a truly amazing machine.

Number of Groups

Gruppo Izzo manufacturers the Pompei with 1 to 4 groups – at Espresso Outlet we only sell the 1 or 2 group versions. Choose a group option near the “Add to Cart” button for a pricing difference.

Auto Fill Controller

The Izzo Pompei comes with a Gicar controller that monitors the water level in the boiler. When the water level reaches 3 liters, the Gicar controller adds an additional liter to keep the level at 4 liters. The boiler is 5 liters, so the Gicar controller always leaves 1 liter of space open. If manual fill is required, the machine does have that option.

Direct Drain Line

The Izzo Pompei comes with a direct drain tube. This can be run into a drain container or a floor drain. When installing, make sure the slope of the drain line is 1 inch for every 12 inches of horizontal length. The end of the drain tube should always be above the water level in the drain container or floor drain area, otherwise it may not drain correctly.

Warm Up Time

Because of the machine’s size a single group Izzo Pompei can take awhile to warm up. To reach the ideal temperature, it can take almost half an hour. As with other espresso machines, running water through the group can help speed up this time.

Steaming / Frothing Capabilities

If you want steaming power, look no further! It’s so powerful it actually takes a little practice to prevent it from creating bubbles that are too large. Once mastered though, it can create great microfoam very quickly. The steam wand is a 4 hole, high quality stainless steel wand.

Spring Lever Operated

In general, there are two types of lever espresso machines – direct and spring. The Izzo Pompei is a spring lever machine. A spring lever is operated by applying downward pressure to stretch a spring. When the lever is in the right location, it locks in place. Water enters the chamber using a build-up of boiler steam pressure. When enough pressure is built up, the lever can be released. On release, about 9 bars of pressure is applied – as the lever returns to original position the pressure is gradually reduced.


One year parts only warranty is included with the Izzo Pompei.


The Izzo Pompei doesn’t have UL,ETL, or NSF certifications.

Feature Overview

  • Stainless steel shell
  • Stainless steel cup warming trays
  • Two complete portafilters (one double and one triple)
  • 5 liter boiler
  • 110 volt
  • One steam wand
  • Hot water dispenser
  • 3 inch clearance from the drip tray to the portafilter spout

Video: Making a Perfect Neapolitan Espresso with an Izzo Pompei


Video of Home User Making Espresso with the Izzo Nuova Pompei Lever

The Nuova Pompei Lever is different machine, but close enough to provide a good comparison. 


Videos: Espresso by Nuova Pompei

While these videos aren't of an original Izzo Pompei, the Nuova Pompei is a very similar machine, so it should give you a good understanding of the original's operation.


Best Use:
1 Group - Restaurant / Office / Home | 2 Group - Commercial espresso machine
CE / This machine does not have UL, ETL, or NSF certifications.
ML \ Mechanical Lever
1 Group - Single Boiler (5 liter) | 2 Group - (12 liter)
Cup Size:
Traditonal Cup
1 Group | 2 Group
Output Capacity:
PID Temperature Controller:
Plumbing / Tank:
Drain Tray:
Hot Water Spigot:
1 Stainless steel hot water spigot
Steam Arms:
1 Group - 1 Stainless steel steam arm | 2 Group - 2 Stainless steel steam arms
Amps / Volts:
1 Group - 20 Amps \ 110 Volts | 2 Group - 20 Amps \ 220 Volts
1 Group - 1750 watts | 2 Group - 3500 watts
Stainless steel
Stainless steel cup warming trays. Two complete portafilters one double and one triple.