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Friends of Espresso Outlet


Check out the beautiful coffee/espresso ceramic cups by our friend Sarah Kaye. They are truly, CERAMICS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE! Website is here


Check out Ricks Roasters for their wholesale and consumer coffee products. They are located in Fredericksburg, VA and their website is here.



Coffee that is roasted in house and sourced directly from farms they are partnered with, try their coffee for your home or business. Website is here.


Air Roasted Coffee, Delivered To Your Door Step. Located in Holland, MI. Website



Why store your extra portafilters and tampers in a drawer when you could be proudly displaying as part of your coffee bar? Check out the Portakeeper, the Original Espresso Tool Organizer. Website


GREAT COFFEE SHOULDN'T BE COMPLICATED. Cottonwood will help you have the coffee you love shipped directly to you without the hassle. Website