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Faema Brand Overview

Faema is a brand that is owned by the Cimbali Group, which also owns the La Cimbali espresso machine brand as well Casadio and Hemerson. The Faema line of espresso machines has been in existence since 1912, which is only a few years after the invention of the espresso machine. Faema has been responsible for a lot of breakthroughs, including the invention of the E61 grouphead. The Faema brand has a complete line of espresso machines for every business application in the industry as well as for the home user. While we don’t list all the Faema espresso machine configurations on our website we do sell most of the models, so please contact us if you have a specific model in mind.

Their commercial espresso machine product offering includes traditional espresso machines including the E71 (four configurations), E61 Jubile, E61 Legend, E61 LE, Emblema (two variations), Theorema (two variations), Enova (three variations) and the Smart A. These machines have features including (depending on the model): smart boiler technology with energy savings of up to 40%, special thermal systems for independent temperature control of each grouphead, manual or auto steam wands, volumetric or semi automatic operation, heat exchanger or multi-boiler configurations, hot water economizers and many other great features.

They also have a complete line up of super automatic machines, including the X30 (three variations) and the X1 (two variations) with features (depending on the model) such as automatic washing, wi-fi connectivity, one or two grinders, cappuccino systems, smart boiler technology, cold milk frothing, automatic and manual steaming, and many touch screen features.

Video: Featured Product Faema E71e