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Overview of Eureka Grinders

Eureka has been a world leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing grinders that are reliable, deliver great results, easy to use and look elegant. With the company being headquartered in the art capital of the world, Florence, Italy, they take the look and feel of the grinders seriously and one look at a Eureka grinder will let you know they get that part right - they look great! Along with looking great, they also have a lot of great features, with many grinders including features such as: an anti-clump and electrostaticity feature which provides cleanliness and dose consistency, patented stepless micrometric regulation system, anti-vibration technology that reduces noise output to comparable grinders by 20 dB, special burrs for espresso and other types of coffee, high speed dispensing burrs, easy setting system, adjustable portafilter rests, a zero retention blow system on some grinders that cleans the burr chamber with airflow, and other great features. Eureka is so well known in the espresso market that they manufacture and private label grinders for other brands on the market. So even if you don’t have a Eureka branded grinder, there is a chance your grinder was made by Eureka.