Review of Rocket Espresso R58 v2

28th Jan 2020

Reviewer's Name: Seamus Mckendy

Approximate Time Owned: 1 Year

Rating Overall: 5

Reliability Rating: 4

Value for the Price: 5

Usability Rating: 5

Aesthetics Rating: 4

Detailed Review:

Top three most detailed reviews will get 50 bonus entriesI originally purchased the Rocket R58 instead of the Linea mini. At roughly half the cost, the value seemed substantial. The steam power is superb, 10 seconds for a flat white. The E61 grouphead is a time proven design, and the amount of support or after market parts is wide ranging. Do yourself a favour and pick up a bottomless portafilter with your machine, you'll thank me later.

After using the machine for a year, I'm exceedingly pleased. If I didn't suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I could comfortable keep this machine for the rest of my life. Maintaining it is simple once explained, even if you don't have a background in electrics or plumbing.

The Pros are:

-The PID used to set the temperatures of the Two boilers is quite easy to use. This makes it a great choice for both milk drinkers and americanos alike.

-The Chrome aesthetics are fantastic (to my personal taste)

-The passive cup warmer lets your cups warm up nice and toasty, and is great for drying dishes of all types!

-The same performance whether in Reservoir or Direct connection mode, great for people to might move around frequently

-Better Steaming angle than the other Rocket Home machines

-Rotary pump

The Cons:

-Slow heat up time of aprox. 30 minutes (although one could argue all machines of this calibre suffer the same)

-No built in Auto on programming, solved this issue with a wifi capable smart plug

-The price I suppose, although to be honest this is one of the most affordable dual boilers out there.

A little bit of insider knowledge for those curious, the R58 has a better control box, steam valve, and boiler insulation than the other Rocket home machines, as well as a larger casing to dissipate heat better. This is truly a life time machine and Rocket is happy to support "Right to repair", so learn how to service your E61 group-head, and save yourself some dough!