Quick Mill QM67 Evo vs Expobar Brewtus IV (Vibratory) Espresso Machine Comparison

10th May 2017

The Quick Mill QM67 Evo is frequently compared to the Expobar Brewtus IV with vibratory pump. The following is a comparison of the main features.

Best Use

Both machines are best suited for home use and are not intended for commercial use of any sort. They would work for a small office, but not more than a few daily users.


Neither machine has any commercial use safety approval ratings.


Both machines are semi automatic.


The QM67 Evo has two copper boilers. Steam Boiler (1.0 liter capacity, 1400 watt heating element) \ Group Boiler with T.E.A coating (0.75 liter capacity, 800 watt heating element). The Brewtus IV also has two copper boilers. The Steam Boiler is 57 ounces and has a 1250 watt heating element. The brew boiler is the same size with the same wattage heating element. The QM67 Evo has an advantage when it comes to steaming due to the larger wattage heating element as it will have less recovery time.


Both machines have one brew group.


The QM67 Evo has a PID controller for the group boiler (with 1.0 degree Celsius or Fahrenheit adjustment). PID controller also controls the steam boiler temperature (and thus pressure). Includes a shot timer. The Brewtus IV also has dual PID functionality.

Shot Timer

The QM67 Evo has a shot timer. The Brewtus IV does not.

Water Reservoir Size

The QM67 Evo has a larger, 3 liter water reservoir that the Expobar Brewtus IV has. The Brewtus IV has a 2.6 liter reservoir. A larger reservoir means fewer refills. Both reservoirs are removable.

Steam Wand

Both machines have no burn steam wands with swappable steam tips.


The QM67 Evo has a Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump with thermal overload protection. Pulsor equipped to the pump, equalizing pump pressure and improves noiselessness. The Brewtus IV has a slightly smaller wattage pump at 47 watts. The QM67 Evo is quieter in our opinion. Both pumps have a max pressure of 16 bars.

Brew and Steam At the Same Time

This is possible with both machines.

Group Type

Both machines have e61 thermosiphon groupheads.

Cup Warming Tray

Both machines have cup warmers. The QM67 Evo has an easy access hinged cover that allows the reservoir to be removed or refilled without removing the entire cup warmer. To access the reservoir on the Expobar Brewtus IV, the entire cup warming tray has to be removed, including any cups on the tray. We think the QM67 Evo has an advantage in this area.


Both machines have passive preinfusion due to the grouphead design.

Drip Trays

Both machines have large pull out drip trays.

Hot Water Spigots

Both machines have hot water spigots for tea, americanos, etc.


The QM67 Evo is 16.5 inches high, 11 inches wide, and 17 inches deep. The Expobar is a little shorter at 15 inches high. A little narrower at 10.3 inches wide, and a little deeper at 18 inches.

Wattage / Amp

Both machines are 110v – 120v US. Both operate in 15 amp mode only.

Expansion Valve

The QM67 Evo has an easy access expansion valve with no need to remove any panels to adjust. The Brewtus IV has an expansion valve, but panels need to be removed to adjust.

Programmable Offset Differential

The QM67 Evo has programmable offset differential functionality.

Hi Limit Protection

Both machines have hi limit protection for the boilers.


Both machines have brew and steam gauges.

Ability to Turn Steam Boiler Off

Both machines have switches that allow the steam boiler to be turned on or off independently of the brew boiler.

Low Water Sensors

Both machines have low water sensors

Fit and Finish

In our opinion, the QM67 Evo has a more refined fit and finish.