Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine & Grinder Gallery

5th Dec 2018

Photos from Nuova Simonelli Facebook updates. Photos of Nuova Simonelli espresso machines and grinders

#AureliaII at Coffee Republic

Waiting for a coffee with #AureliaII at Atmans Coffee in Barcelona

The new week has started with #AppiaII#nuovasimonelli

Did you know? In 2011 Nuova Simonelli presented the innovative T3 technology that grants maximum thermal stability through tridimensional temperature control (water, steam, group). #NuovaSimonelli#Technology

The one and only #AureliaWave will be joining Hostelco this Monday! Join us at hall 7 stand 582. #NuovaSimonelli

What barista doesn’t cherish great control over their espresso machine? The wide viewing angle of the work surface, the water level indicator and the dual scale pressure gauge allow baristas full control of every action. #AppiaII

Photo Credit: Coffeenatics

#AureliaWave has been designed to limit energy consumption and improve environmental impact. Making your business environmentally friendly is a significant commitment for us and a considerable saving for you. #NuovaSimonelli

Being able to control your machine’s flow rate while extracting espresso, enables you to explore new flavors. With #AureliaWave Pulse Jet technology, three different settings allow you to create the best profiles of your favorite coffee!

Exceptional customer service is essential in coffee shops. With #AureliaWave ergonomics and efficiency, you increase productivity and speed of service while maintaining remarkable cleanliness. #NuovaSimonelli

Are work areas limited in your coffee shop? Not to worry! #AppiaII boasts the best technology, packed into a tiny space, still offering top performance and high reliability. #NuovaSimonelli