La Cimbali Junior Casa DT 1 vs Rocket R60v Pressure Profile Espresso Machines

28th Nov 2016

> The Cimbali Junior Casa is a heat exchanger vs the Rocket R60v which is a double boiler. With the Cimbali Junior Casa DT 1, you have to learn the heat exchange flush and you have to guestimate at the extraction temperature. With the R60v you have a PID temperature controller on each boiler, so you have better, more precise controller over both the extraction and steaming temperature.

> The Rocket R60v has insulated stainless steel boilers that are less susceptible to scale build up. The Cimbali Junior Casa DT 1 has an insulated copper boiler. The customer trend has been moving towards stainless steel.

> Both have preinfusion

> The Rocket R60v has an e61 thermosiphon grouphead that constantly circulates water from the boiler to the grouphead and back again, keep the grouphead temperature consistent.

> The Rocket R60v has no burn wands, the Cimbali Junior Casa DT 1 has a standard stainless steel wand. The Cimbali’s wand will be hotter to touch and milk will burn to the surface easier.

> The Rocket R60v has auto on and auto off functionality. The Cimbali does not.

> The Rocket R60v is a convertible direct connect/water reservoir machine. The Cimbali is a direct connect only machine.

> The Rocket R60v has three configurable pressure profiles with five separate stages in each one. The Cimbali has a standard flat (mostly) profile. This is the biggest selling point of this machine, that many machines on the market do not have. With this configurability, the machine can be programmed to operate like most other machines on the market in terms of how pressure is applied, including lever operated machines.

> The Rocket R60v has programming adjustments that can be made through mobile device app. The Cimbali doesn’t have this.

> The Cimbali has volumetric dosing. The Rocket R60v can be configured in such a way to stop the flow after a certain amount of time.

> The Cimbali Junior Casa has NSF and other certifications that are required in most areas for a machine to be used in a commercial environment. The Rocket R60v does not have these. The Cimbali Junior Casa is an ideal machine for light commercial applications as well as home use. The Rocket R60v is designed for home use only.