Is it OK to Leave the Rocket Appartamento on All the Time?

11th Oct 2017

Do you recommend leaving the Rocket Appartamento on 24 hours a day?

A lot of people do. I usually recommend turning the machine on in the morning and turning it off at night just to reduce the amount of exposure the internal components have to heat over the number of years that it's in operation. People that leave the machine on 24/7 don't seem to have many additional issues by doing so, but I think it's a wise move to turn them off at the end of each day. One thing that you can do is get an appliance timer and plug the machine into the appliance timer and then set the timer to turn the machine on at the same time every morning and to turn off at a same time every evening. That way you don't always have to remember to turn it off and when you wake up the machine will be hot and ready for you to use.