How Reliable is the Rocket Appartamento?

11th Oct 2017

How reliable is the Rocket Appartamento?

Rocket espresso machines in general are quite reliable. They tend to work very well and we hardly have any warranty related issues with Rocket espresso machines.

Usually any issues that do occur, happen immediately after a customer receiving the machine and those are usually related to shipping. Sometimes during shipping the machines get jostled around. They go on miles and miles of conveyor belts and go from truck to truck and sometimes the shipping company doesn't always handle them gently. They might drop it a couple feet and if it's dropped on the corner that's going to be a lot of impact on one side of the machine. So you might have a component get loose or something like that but if that happens just contact us and we'll figure out a way of getting either getting you a replacement or if it's a small enough issue, sending you a placement part. Or we’ll do a damage claim with the shipping company. So if you get something that is damaged during shipping, don't worry you're not going to be stuck with a damaged machine that doesn't work.