How Coffee Shops Can Prepare for Coronavirus If It Comes To Your Area

3rd Mar 2020

This articles on Daily Coffee News gives some good tips for how a coffee shop can prevent the spread of coronavirus and how a business owner can be prepared if the virus does spread to their area. Read the complete article we linked to, but in summary, these are some steps you can take:

  • Be prepared for local health authorities to temporarily close cafes
  • Prepare emergency funds and talk to staff about financial planning
  • Consider how much cash flow you need to maintain your obligations, such as rent, insurance, utilities, insurance, cost of good sold, etc.
  • Consider a line of credit so you have cash on hand to cover revenue gaps
  • Plan inventory. If the virus is spreading to your area, consider reducing the amount of inventory you have on hand to prevent loss.
  • Educate your staff on how viruses spread and how to avoid doing things that could spread it more quickly.
  • Review all sanitation, cleaning and hygiene procedures with staff
  • Don’t panic, it’s good to have a level of preparedness, but being prepared doesn’t mean everyone should panic.