Health Benefits of Coffee: Improved Energy and Brain Power

7th Aug 2018

Ok, so this point is most likely not news to you. In fact, this is probably the main reason we all drink coffee, especially when we need the extra perk up in the morning. But, why does caffeinated coffee have this effect on us?

As it turns out, caffeine induces something called brain hypoperfusion, which in basic terms means it increases the energy metabolism throughout the brain while also decreasing blood flow. It also activates noradrenaline neurons and affects the release of dopamine, a chemical that can make us have feelings of motivation, reward and pleasure. Aside from improved energy, caffeinated coffee can also drastically boost alertness and can have subtle yet positive effects on human learning, memory, mental performance and coordination. There are even studies that show coffee can boost your physical endurance, making it a great pre-workout beverage. So next time you are enjoying your favorite brew, know that you are receiving some great benefits to help you throughout your day.

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