Health Benefits of Coffee: Coffee Can Protect Your Liver

7th Aug 2018

The liver is vitally essential to our body. It filters our blood, detoxifies us from chemicals and metabolizes fats, along with performing a myriad of other important functions. Unfortunately, a lifetime of poor dietary choices, drinking alcohol, certain medications and a variety of health conditions can take a toll on the liver, but now studies are showing that coffee can have some amazing, beneficial effects for this crucial organ. A recent study cited in the Journal of Hepatology found that drinking three cups of coffee per day can prevent scarring of the of the liver and reduce the chances of liver disease. Other studies also show that people who drink four or more cups of coffee per day can have their risk of developing liver scarring and cirrhosis slashed by a whopping 80%. Interestingly, these findings show that coffee not only protects you against alcohol related liver cirrhosis, but also nonalcoholic cirrhosis as well. So, go ahead and enjoy that extra cup of coffee, your liver will thank you!

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