Drinking Coffee Can Prevent Cavities

7th Aug 2018

While some of us might be concerned about how coffee affects our pearly whites, you might be surprised to find out that coffee actually has teeth protecting abilities. In a 2002 study, Coffee was found to provide antibacterial support against certain microorganisms including the Streptococcus Mutan (or S. Mutan), which is one of the biggest causes of dental cavities. Scientists at two Italian Universities concluded that certain coffee molecules prevent S. Mutan organisms from sticking to tooth enamel, and their study showed that coffee was 40-98% effective in preventing S. Mutans from adhering to teeth! Interestingly, the study found the there was something in the roasting process that made the coffee so effective in this way, as green, unroasted coffee was shown to be significantly less effective. Of course, adding sugar and syrups will negate these benefits, so you’ll definitely want to leave those out of your daily cup in order to improve your dental health.

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