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Elektra Model ART.T1 SIXTIES Chrome Espresso Machine

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NOTE: Poor water quality will destroy your espresso machine. Learn More

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Free Extended Warranty: Buy with confidence. One year manufacturer's warranty PLUS one year extended warranty.

Key Features

  • Beautiful Ultra-polished stainless steel finish
  • Commercial-grade steel frame
  • Incorporated motor and positive (rotary vane) displacement pump with vibration-damping fastening is pretty quiet when compared to tank model machines that have a vibration pump
  • Electronic level control system monitors water level in the boiler to make sure the heating element is submerged in water.
  • Patented heat exchanger accessible from top of boiler for easy inspection and cleaning by a technician or capable home-owner
  • Filter in the grouphead removes any large contaminants that may have passed through a broken filter on the water line.
  • Multi-directional steam wand allows movement of steam wand in many different directions
  • Steam valve and water valve have pivotal lever controls
  • Elektra trademark on back of machine made of anodized aluminum
  • Dual-acting, high-precision gauge shows both pump water pressure and boiler steam pressure (without a water softener, this will be one of the first parts to fail due to limescale which is not covered under our parts warranty)
  • High quality bleeder valve releases vacuum pressure in boiler so that steam wand does not need to be kept open upon next powering up of machine (without a water softener, this will be one of the first parts to fail due to limescale which is not covered under our parts warranty)
  • Heating element with built-in safety thermostat for additional protection - if the machine has power, but there is no water available from the plumbed cold water lline, the machine can be damaged at the heating element or pump)
  • Electronic motherboard positioned in cool area and is protected against humidity
  • Plastic bakelite handle on portafilter, pull lever, and valve controls - wood is not used because water can damage it.
  • Accessories: 1-cup and 2-cup filter baskets, single spout and double spout portafilter, instructions, and stainless steel braided hose for direct water connection

Design & Functions:

Bring commercial grade to your home!

The main feature of the Art.T1 Sixties espresso machine in a commercial environment is its extreme compactness versus performance - the result of an Elektra design study in placing a whopping 5.5 liters of boiler capacity into such a small frame and body. However, for the home, this can be one BIG machine. It does require a direct water connection and drainage, but these conveniences are highly desired by the espresso experts. With a direct water line connection to your cold water plumbing, you never have to worry about filling any water tank, but you do have to remember to recharge the optional water softener. It is also great to never have to pull the drip tray to empty into your sink - one only needs to remove it for cleaning.

This machine's high wattage heating element is designed to heat the boiler for quick recovery and temperature stability. The Elektra Art.T1 even generates a lot of heat to keep those cups nice and toasty on top (minimum 2 hours required to pre-heat cups). 

The Art.T1 has 6 programmable buttons to measure the amount of water being pumped through the espresso coffee grinds. The extra 'K' button on the touchpad allows the operator to use the machine as a semi-automatic (start and stop of the espresso extraction) and to program the other 6 buttons.


  • Approximate Measurements: 18.5" H x 14" W x 20" D without portafilter
  • Weight: 83 pounds shipped via freight truck to curbside only - sorry, inside delivery is not available.
  • Power requirements: 2200 watts 20 amps dedicated 110 volts
  • Boiler Capacity: 5.5 liters
  • Grouphead: Single grouphead made of brass
  • Made in Treviso, Italy
  • Units are tested and calibrated (immediately prior to shipping) with water AND one shot of espresso.


  • ONCE YOU SIGN THE DELIVERY DRIVER'S RECEIPT WITHOUT REPORTING DAMAGE ON THE SIGNED FORM, YOU ACCEPT THE EQUIPMENT 'AS IS'. Please note that the Elektra Art.T1 Commercial Espresso & Cappuccino Machine will ship on a pallet via a freight carrier - this is to insure safer delivery than common carriers. Please inspect equipment upon arrival and note any damages immediately before the freight carrier driver departs as this is your and our only protection for damage claims.
  • PLEASE NOTE ONLY CURBSIDE DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE. The trucking company will NOT deliver inside nor deliver up your driveway or sidewalk. You can request Notify Before Delivery on your order.
  • INSTALLATION IS NOT INCLUDED. Installation is $1500 extra and only includes up to 4 hours of travel. set up of the machine, the connection to a cold water line within 4 feet of the machine, plugging into the outlet within 4 feet of the machine, connecting the plastic hose to the drain, and testing/calibration. Please confirm with us prior to ordering to check and see if we have a local company available. Customers can also check with their local espresso machine repair companies for hire.
  • THERE IS NO LABOR WARRANTY. Based on the significant discount off the previous regular selling price of $4552, we can no longer include a labor warranty.
  • LOCAL BUILDING CODES: Please check with your local building department (or licensed plumbers and licensed electricians) to confirm any plumbing and electrical requirements to meet the local building codes.
  • Overnight nor rush shipping is not available as this item is shipped via a freight carrier, similar to Roadway, YRC, etc.


Three GENERAL basic requirements to plan for your installation of water, drain, & electrical connections

Water Connection

It is very important to install a "COLD" water supply line that is right under the unit or within 4 feet of the machine. A separate shut-off valve on the water line for the machine is strongly recommended for any emergencies, future preventive maintenance, or possible servicing.

The water line should also have a backflow preventer as determined by local building codes. Customers should seek the advice of a local licensed plumber as Espresso 4 Home, nor any reseller, is not aware of all local laws.

In addition, pressure reducer should be installed and set to maximum 40 pounds of water pressure - the reason is that on some espresso machines, the water pressure in excess of 45 pounds may open the internal valves and cause major water leakage.

On commercial espresso machines, the water connection always consists of a 3/8" diameter water line. It can be attached by using a 3/8" compression by 3/8 NPT (male thread) fitting. To ensure a leakproof thread, wrap teflon tape around the NPT threads. Stainless steel hoses supplied with the Elektra Art.T1 are British standard measure; therefore, the fit between the hose and fitting (NPT side) will be very tight and may need slight cross-threading - this is normal. Tighten the stainless steel hose nut until the hose portion no longer swivels from the nut.

Please note smaller supply pipes or tubing can create a rattle on the pipe or machine as there may not be enough water volume to keep up with the internal pump.

Drain Connection

It is important to locate the unit as close as possible to the drain, preferably a floor drain or a Y pipe on a sink drain (as long as your local building codes allow).

The drip tray usually drains into a black box (known as a catch basin), which in turn, drains into a vinyl tube. The vinyl tube from the black box must be kept as vertical (steep) as possible since there are always coffee grinds that will drain. In general, for every foot of hose that goes horizontal, the drain hose needs to drop one inch in the direction of the drain. If the vinyl tube is installed horizontally for more than one foot without the one inch drop, there is a greater potential for the vinyl hose to clog with grinds. This usually occurs when the vinyl hose is installed horizontally between the machine and the counter. Keep the vinyl drain hose from being pinched and connect it to the floor drain or secure it to the Y drain pipe.

Electrical Connection

It is vital that the proper power is readily available prior to installation. Please note that grinders require separate 110 volt receptacles to be located nearby with a connection to a circuit breaker independent of the espresso machine circuit breaker. For proper operation and un-interrupted operation, you should have 20 amp dedicated circuit for this espresso machine.

110 volt machines (20 amps) - Utilize standard 125 volt power supply with 125 volt plug and a twenty (20) amperage rating. The machine should always be powered off before unplugging. Three-prong outlets, including one for ground, is required.

It is also advisable to acquire a surge suppressor to protect your espresso machine from surges caused by other appliances or electrical noise from the electrical company. We recommend you purchase a Panamax M2-20A Surge Suppressor.

After ALL THIS, we hope you can master the skills, a good grinder, and good beans to produce high quality espresso-based beverages like no other!