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Elektra Micro Casa a Leva Lever ART.S1C Chrome Espresso Machine

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NOTE: Poor water quality will destroy your espresso machine. Learn More

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Warranty: Two year parts and labor limited to manufacturers defects


Being a member of the grand Elektra series, theElektra Micro Casa Model ART.S1C Chrome Espresso Machine is a durable, efficient machine that delivers a great espresso experience time and time again. If you are someone who wants a beautiful espresso machine with an extremely low noise level, with its near silent spring lever design, this model is the perfect choice.

The machine also has a durable brass boiler with an armored plated heating element that supplies hot water for espresso brewing and steam for frothing. The Elektra Micro Casa Lever is the most traditional home espresso machine in the Elektra series with stunning design that take one back to the days when espresso was invented. With its beautiful design and attractive finish it is more of piece of art than espresso machine.



This is an aesthetically pleasing version of Elektra series with bright chrome finish that makes this model durable and long lasting. The manufacturer’s emblem, the brass eagle spreading its wings, imparts amazing elegance to the machine.


The Micro Casa Lever espresso machine is comes with a classy design. While some photos still show a handle made of wood, all new machines come with a handle made of Bakelite, a longer lasting, more durable material. The handle has a wood like pattern that doesn’t detract from the machine’s beauty.

Sturdy Base

Having a large 10 inch round base makes the machine stable – a feature that is especially important for a lever machine design.

Water Level Sight Glass

A clear water level sight glass on the side of the machine makes monitoring water level an easy task, allowing you to refill the machine before the water level gets to low, ensuring you that you’ll have enough water to make your drinks and preventing heating element damage if the water level gets too low.

Spring Piston Operation

This machine has a spring piston lever design that provides greater usability when compared to other lever designs and provides greater consistency in pressure during espresso extraction. Lever starts in upward position, the user pulls down against spring until coffee fills bottom of demitasse cup, then lever is slowly released and the spring in the piston pushes the lever to pump the water through the coffee grinds. If making double, it is important to pull lever down a second time at the half way point and released.

Steam Wand

The steam wand is mounted on the side of the machine and can be adjusted to achieve the ideal angle for steaming. This, along with a three hole tip provide the means for you to produce optimal microfoam on a regular basis. The steam wand is easily activated with a simple turn knob mounted at the base of the steam wand.

Durable Boiler

The machine is equipped with a 1.8 liter capacity brass boiler that provides enough power to produce dry steam that is needed for frothing of milk.

Built-in Safety Control

A built in safety thermostat prevents damage to the machine when there is no water or if there is overheating for other reasons. If the thermostat shuts the machine off when it overheats, that means it’s working correctly, but one should always maintain proper water level to prevent damage to the boiler. Damage to a heating element due to a lack of water is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Internal Pressure Regulator

An internal pressure regulator maintains proper pressure and temperature within the boiler.

Release Valve

Boiler pressure relief valve on top of boiler for safety.




Height: 19 in or 49 cm Width: 10 in or 26 cm Depth: 10 in or 26 cm


Weight: 27 pounds

Supply Input

Required power supply: 110/120 volts, 60 Hz, 15 amp available in virtually all USA households.

Boiler Capacity

The boiler of the espresso machine has a capacity of 1.8 liters or 61 Oz.


Two years parts and labor warranty limited to manufacturer’s defects

Country of Origin

Manufactured in Treviso, Italy


Important Notes and Warnings

  1. Due to the smaller portafilter size, this machine is not pod-capabale.
  2. The exterior color, which includes a clear coat finish, will naturally change as each each Elektra machine ages. This would not be covered under warranty as color changes are not considered manufacturer's defects.
  3. Some assembly is required - we remove the steam wand to prevent damage in transit. Therefore, you will need a crescent wrench to place it back on.
  4. Cup seen in the picture above is not included.
  5. Warranty Note: It is very important to use 'softened water' in these machines, as well as all espresso machines. Hard water will cause these machines to malfunction, and Elektra will not cover the parts warranty due to hard water. In addition, it is extremely important to run the a leva and Semiautomatica machines with water at least 25% full in the sight glass. Running these models with a water level lower than this can cause heating element damage which will not be covered under warranty as this is not a manufacturer's defect. If you return the unit with a damaged heating element, you will be charged for the repair, and the repair charge will be deducted from the credit.
  6. There is a safety feature on this machine when water is not pumped into the boiler on initial startup. If this isn't done the safety kicks off and the machine will have to be reset. On the bottom of the machine underneath the yellow cap there is a reset button for the safety thermostat. If you purchased the machine from us and are still having issues, you can email us for instructions.
  9. This machine was featured in the Boston Globe. Boston Globe (Sept 23, 2004) ranked the microcasa a leva with 'pulled the best shots'.
  10. Warning: Please make sure the sight glass is the field between a minimum of 25% and 75% at all times during operation. If the water level lowers below the 25% mark, damage can occur to the machine.