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ECM Germany Technika Profi IV PID Espresso Machine

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  • An overpressure valve (OPV) to let go of excess brew pressure.
  • PID temperature controller
  • Dual safety thermostats in the event that one stops working in the event of too much pressure.
  • Rotary vane pump with internal adjustment screw is placed on rubber dampening brackets
  • Chrome-plated solid brass portafilter with plastic handle for optimal temperature stability.
  • Removable polished stainless steel drip tray and grate.
  • Removable cup warmer with side-rails to prevent cups from falling off during machine movement.
  • Simultaneously extract espresso and steam milk

ECM has brought to the market what they call the “Rolls-Royce” of semi-automatic machines. This model is a superior, more advanced version of the popular Germany Barista espresso machine. With its luxurious appearance (upgraded from the Germany Barista), HX E61 grouphead, direct water line connection option, upgraded portafilters and added joystick controls for the steam/hot water valves, this machine is ensured to delight the prosumer. Professional-grade, high-quality materials, intricate design and a lengthy list of advanced features promise its user to deliver beauty and functionality as well as the best espresso.

*For Home Use Only


The body of this beautiful machine is constructed of high-grade, reflective polished stainless steel. ECM has intricately designed this unit down to the smallest details, the corners are designed with curves to produce a smooth and premier appearance. Standing at 15 inches in height, this machine is designed to fit easily underneath most kitchen cabinets.


A significant feature on this machine is the ability to either utilize the water tank or to connect the machine to a water line to eliminate the need for refilling. Inside of the water tank is a magnetic float that will active the machine to turn off if there is too little water in the reservoir.


Solid chrome-plated ECM (E61 style) brewing group which is lever activated. There is a lever located on the grouphead which permits the user to pre-infuse the grinds with water from the heat exchanger if utilizing the water tank instead of direct water connect. The heat exchange system allows the user to brew and steam simultaneously.


This unit is equipped with a heavy-duty, 2.1 liter capacity, stainless steel boiler with superior thermal retention and corrosive-preventive properties. The large capacity allows for high steam capacity as well as better temperature control. There is a sensor with automatic boiler refill from the water tank to ensure protection of the heating element. The boiler pressure gauge (along with the brew pressure gauge) are located within easy visual alignment on the front top of the machine. Located on the top of the boiler is a special safety valve which is automatically released if there is an accumulation of too much pressure.


One of the nice features on this unit is the low amounts of noise produced from the rotary pump, significantly lower than comparable models. The unobtrusive nature of this unit makes it perfect for the home environment, the user will be able to produce a delightful espresso in the early morning hours with tranquility.


One of the upgraded features from the Germany Barista is the joystick technology included with the steam and hot water valves. The steam wands can pivot in multiple directions and each have 2-holes at the tip. Also available are a 4-hole, and 5-hole. There are protective grips on the wands to prevent burnt fingers.


  • 58 mm single spout portafilter with single cup filter basket
  • 58 mm dual spout portafilter with double cup filter basket
  • Plastic tamper
  • Plastic measuring scoop
  • Blind filter basket
  • Stainless steel braided hose to connect to direct water line
  • Grouphead brush
  • Instructional manual.


  • Measurements: 15" H x 12.68" W x 18.58" D (38.1 cm H x 32.2 cm W x 47.2 cm D).
    Height with lid open: 19.5" (49.53 cm).
  • Maximum water line pressure should be regulated to be between 1.0 - 1.5 bar for proper operation of this machine. Check with your local plumbing supply to advise on purchase so as to meet any local building codes. In addition, check with them about your local building code may require a backflow preventer (which does not allow boiler water to backflow into water supply).
  • Weight: 51.81 pounds (23.5 kilograms).
  • Power: 1400 watts, 115 volts, 60 hertz.
  • Water tank/reservoir capacity: 0.79 gallons (3 liters).
  • Approximate boiler capacity: 1.8 liters without heat exchanger / 2.1 liters with heat exchanger.
  • Engineering design in Germany and assembled in Milan, Italy by a third party (not ECM Manufacture).

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  • 5
    ECM Technica 4

    Posted by Robert Hardin on 12th Dec 2019

    Approximate Time Owned 2 years Rating Overall 5/5 Reliability Rating 5/5 Value for the Price 5/5 Usability Rating 5/5 Aesthetics Rating 5/5 Detailed Review I’ve enjoyed this machine for over 2 years. It has worked flawlesslyand makes fantastic espresso

  • 5
    We love our machine

    Posted by Chris on 22nd Jul 2016

    Some Background Coffee has quickly become an obsession as I learn more about it. I'm a home enthusiast who roasts small batch coffee on a little Huky. For a long time I used a manual espresso maker. It worked fine, but never produced the shot I yearn for from coffee shops. It took months of research and thought before pulling the trigger on an upgrade. I did listen to the coffee snob veterans and started with a really great grinder. The shopping experience Since our grinder buying experience was so great with Espresso Outlet, it was a no brainer to follow up about an espresso machine. As one could expect, the service was top notch when I was ready to pull the trigger. Every question I had about machines were answered promptly by Joe. He even had some family issues in the middle of my purchase and still managed to make time for me. I cannot thank him enough and really appreciate the hard work he puts into his business. If you do your research, you'll find that there are many competitors in the coffee space. It's rare when I order from smaller online sites. However, I chose to order our grinder and espresso machine here because of Joe. He's a great guy that goes above and beyond for you. Coffee is also a passion of his and I wanted to fuel his fire anyway I could. Food for thought about Heat Exchangers I was originally convinced that I wanted a dual boiler and had my eyes set on a different machine. After reading long threads in online communities, the heat exchanger became acceptable. The idea of pulling in fresh water and flash heating it to the brew temperature is what sealed the deal. I also saved a little bit of $ opting for a HX. The trade off is that I do end up going through more water for the flushing between shots, but I don't find it to be outrageous amounts. Steam Power Initially I thought steam power could not get any better than this machine. Until I took an espresso class with Counter Culture and had my hands on a top notch machine. To keep things in perspective and given that this machine is intended for lower volume, it has plenty of power. I normally don't steam anything more than a cappuccino sized drink. That takes ~45 seconds (give or take). More than adequate in my house. Shipping I think my biggest complaint was shipping. If you buy a machine online, you'll likely experience the same thing. I took witness to the shipping service rolling my box up hill in SF. There's no avoiding the carrier abusing your expensive equipment while in transit. In the end though, I received what I expected without issue. We've had our machine for several months now and it's been working reliably. It's rare that a day goes by that I don't use the machine. I love my daily espressos, and my girlfriend loves her cappuccinos. Complaints My biggest complaint is refilling the tank and having to empty out the drain tray. I was well aware I'd be doing this at the time of purchasing the machine though. Another forewarning- the machine doesn't have a low water indicator. If you're good about keeping the tank filled, you won't have to worry. Just be mindful of it though. The machine cut off mid shot because the tank ran too low. First and only time I'll make that mistake. If you have the means, I highly recommend you to plumb this machine. It comes with all the required hardware to do so. That's the next step for me. Summary At this price point, every machine is going to have trade offs. I love this machine though. I have no regrets about it, and hope to have it for years to come. We're in espresso heaven!