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ECM Germany

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ECM Company Overview

ECM Germany is a company that is headquartered in Germany and founded by Wolfgang Hauck. Their home line of espresso machines are designed in Germany and manufactured by hand in Milan, Italy. They also have a commercial line of products that we don’t sell, but those are manufactured in Germany. The founder of the company has 25 years of experience in the espresso machine industry and that experience shows in the beautiful, high quality products that the company produces. The company is focused on delivering sophisticated technology with elegant design. With this brand it is easy to find reviews of many happy customers. Many of their home machines are built with the legendary E61 grouphead, which is on many machines, but ECM has made patented improvements to the original design to make it even better. Many of their home machines have joystick controls for steam and hot water, which allows for steam and hot water to be dispensed with a small movement of the joystick in any direction without the need to spin a knob with a lot more motion. Their home espresso machine line up includes single boilers, heat exchangers and double boiler machines. At Espresso Outlet we currently sell their single boiler and heat exchangers as we already have quite a few double boilers we sell, but the ECM double boilers are good machines.

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