Dual Boiler / Heat Elements


Double boiler espresso machines offer enhanced temperature stability and control for both brewing and steaming when compared to single boiler and heat exchanger espresso machines. The dual boiler design allows for each boiler to have independent boiler temperature control, providing better flavored espresso and more control when making microfoam for milk based drinks. For home use, our double boiler espresso machine offering ranges from the Quick Mill Silvano that is close to 1,000 to the Slayer one group that is on the higher end. We also have a full range of commercial double boiler machines, but they are listed in the business double boiler section. 

Rocket Espresso Milano

Rocket R NINE ONE Espresso Machine


Key Features Dual stainless steel boilers Touchscreen display Saturated group Dual analog pressure gauges for brew and steam Programmable or manual pressure profiling Volumetric dosing Automatic off/on timer PID controller Dual pre-infusion...

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