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Diamante Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine 2 or 3 Group (Ruby Red or Sapphire Blue)

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$300.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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La Pavoni has brought back a legend! The Diamante commercial espresso machine is based on the 1955 Bruno Munari’s Concorso Diamante design. If you are going for a coffee shop that has a vintage/retro look, the Diamante is a perfect match. The beautifully handcrafted stainless steel exterior has contoured panels with either red or blue offsets that provide a prism of reflecting angles like no other machine on the market. It not only has a dramatic look, it also delivers dramatic results. This machine will help put your business on the map!

With the option to choose between 2 or 3 groups, each group has 5 control switches – one for semiautomatic mode and four with volumetric programming that allow you to preset flow volumes.

The Diamante has two pivoting steam wands mounted on either side of the machine for ease of use. A hot water tap mounted next to the right wand

Reduce your impact on the environment and save money with the Diamante’s power saving, three position switch – one for turning the machine off, one for standard operation and one for full power operation. When in standard operation mode, there is a 25% reduction in power consumption.

A machine top cup warmer automatically warms your cups to ensure your customers have warms drinks when after the barista is finished making them.

Cleaning under this machine is an easier task due to the raised feet design on this machine that make it easier to reach under the machine to wipe the countertop down.

Basic Features

  • ETL certification;
  • Two steam wands;
  • Finish is choice of Ruby Red, or Saphire Blue;
  • Separate gauges for pump and boiler pressure control;
  • Automatic electronic water-level control with a sight glass;
  • Three-position energy-saving power switch;
  • Fully automatic operation (shots can be programmed);
  • Full power for 2 group is 4370 Watts at 230 Volts;
  • Dimensions for 2 group are 36” Wide X 25” Deep X 26” High;
  • Boiler for 2 group holds 14 liters.
  • Full power for 3 group is 5465 Watts at 230 Volts;
  • Dimensions for 3 group are 45” Wide X 25” Deep X 26” High;
  • Boiler for 3 group holds 22.5 liters.